Machine Intelligence for Manufacturers

Increase operational performance and reduce downtime. Our Alora Machine Intelligence (MI) Dashboard is designed for JobBOSS2, M1, JobBOSS and Macola users, and offers real-time health and usage data from every machine on your shop floor, regardless of age.

Use real-time alerts to drive utilization improvements with Alora

Leverage Alora with all types of machines, including new and legacy brands. With increased visibility, your utilization rates can increase 15% or more, giving you an average of $20,000 savings per machine that can go straight to your bottom line.

Cognytics Embedded Business Intelligence

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Gain the insight you need to standardize, automate, and continuously improve your production process. Real-time data helps you ensure estimates and bids are always accurate and profitable while helping you compare current production against forecasts to identify problems early.

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Decrease downtime and make your team more efficient

Analyze machine data to reduce wasted labor hours, slash costs, and improve outputs. By facilitating engagement, you will make better decisions for yourself and your staff. This instant feedback aligns realities with management strategies, improving visibility and creating a culture of accountability.

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Enable all departments to turn data into intelligence

Executives can view machine utilization over time to identify progress and problems. Operations can see data around ERP, setup, and run hours in a single view. Machinists can quickly identify if they are above or below the estimated run time by glancing at a dashboard.


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Case Study Alora Complexus Medical Resource Tile 2022

Complexus Medical

“By using Alora and its dashboards, we can enable our people with better information and make them a part of the equation”
Case Study Alora All Metal Fabricating Resource Tile 2022

All Metals Fabricating

“People like to know how they are doing... this gives them something that they can see in real-time, and it makes everyone want to do better”

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