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ERP Software Solutions for the Discrete Manufacturer and Job Shop

Find the right ERP for your business.

ECI manufacturing ERP software keeps you ahead of the competition.

The Manufacturer's ERP

With the manufacturing industry rapidly changing, our ERP solutions focus on making it easier to manage operational excellence, profitability, and growth. ECI's industry-specific manufacturing software gives you the power to automate key business processes and take your business to new heights. Check our our short video to learn more.

Manufacturing ERP Solutions


Bring business processes together with M1 ERP for discrete manufacturers.

M1 business management ERP fits your current needs and budget, helping your business grow. Scale as your business expands and stay current even as technology changes. Further streamline business efficiency, create data consistency, and reduce overall costs with M1’s variety of add-on modules and integrations that allows the ERP to be flexible for any business.
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The leading solution for job shops that gives SMBs the tools they need.

Built specifically for job shops like yours, JobBOSS² comes with all the tools and functionality job shops need to stay ahead of the competition, manage day-to-day responsibilities, and visualize long-term goals. Get the most control over how you scale your business, grow revenue, and maximize profitability.

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Strengthening batch and process manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Deacom provides you with a rich set of native capabilities and extensibility designed for growing process manufacturing and distribution businesses. By keeping all functionality within the core ERP system, you are able to leverage Hyper-Tight Process Control™, creating scalable and repeatable business practices, reducing costly mistakes, and ensuring high-quality products and services every time.

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Professional Services

Services to help make the most of your Manufacturing ECI ERP Software.

With the Professional Services and Consulting team, we can help with all aspects of your business. Our team focuses on ensuring you are using your software to its full capacity. From training, to implementation, to general business help, ECI Manufacturing business software is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs.

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Manufacturing ERP Recommender

Finding the right business management solution is critical to your manufacturing business.

ECI offers industry-leading manufacturing business management solutions M1 and JobBOSS2, suitable for a variety of manufacturing sizes and needs. Complete a quick, 13-question business management solution assessment and instantly receive a recommendation on which ECI manufacturing business management solution is best suited for your business.

What is the primary reason you are looking for a business management solution?

What system(s) do you currently use to run your manufacturing operation(s)?

Number of Employees:

How would you describe your manufacturing operations?

Do you have an IT team?

Does your financial practices require enforcement of GAAP-compliant accounting?

Which financial software do you currently use?

Do you want real-time financial accountability (known as transactional accounting) based on actions taken in the business management solution? Example: shop floor entries of materials and labor will automatically impact your income statement.

Does your business require multiple company databases or multi-currency support?

Do you need to manage inventory and labor transactions from mobile devices?

Do you want your CAD software to have bi-directional updating of Bill of Material (BOM) information?

Would your ordering process benefit from a dynamic selection of material options to drive the configuration of your product(s) and reduce errors in the ordering process?

Will you need to manage multiple warehouses in separate geographical locations?

What is your decision time frame for selecting an business management solution?

Thank you for completing the assessment. Based on the information you provided,


For Current ECI Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience in my industry?

Yes, ECI has extensive experience in both the discrete manufacturing industry and with job shops. Our products are created specifically with manufacturers in mind, helping solve critical business problems unique to their industry.

Does ECI offer a Cloud solution or is it on-prem?

ECI offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of any customer. While our focus is on providing cost savings and efficiencies associated with the Cloud via a cloud environment or a hosted application, we do offer on-prem solutions for businesses not able to make the move to the Cloud yet.

What resources do I need to move to an ECI ERP?

With a clear vision of your business needs, ECI will help define a process flow to reach your goals. For successful implementation, adequate resources, a dedicated team, and the right training will ensure successful completion in a timely manner and use the software to its full capability.

I am happy with my current system, why should I change?

It is reported that 95% of businesses experienced an improvement in their processes after implementing a new ERP system. Companies typically see better configuration, cutting edge features, increased integrations, and ultimately, position the company for growth.

Will ECI systems show me bottlenecks or will I have to dig through reports?

Our systems provide multiple ways to quickly and easily access information related to your production processes. Whether through visual representations like whiteboards and dashboards or hot point alerts, you have the ability to identify potential issues early and adjust accordingly.

How do I know which ERP is right for me?

The most important factors to consider are vendor experience, support, and functionality. Along with ECI’s dedicated focus in the manufacturing industry and stellar implementation and customer support, our products were built to handle the unique and complex processes and needs of discrete manufacturers and job shops.

What are people saying about our ERPs

“M1 has enabled us to increase our throughput by 25% and dramatically reduce our costs.”

Bovie Printing and Fabrication

“It leaves me somewhat speechless. I cannot imagine doing this with a less robust ERP system.”

Web Seal

“M1 has enabled us to be more efficient and kept us growing without adding overhead. Information is great, but only when you can mine it and convert it into actions and that's what M1 does for us.”

Hydro-Dyne Engineering

“With JobBOSS2, we can now get down to such a granular level of detail, by project or by customer, and use that information to make far more intelligent and more informed decisions.”

Rehtek Machine

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