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MFG Urgency Resource Tile


MFG - The Urgency of Cloud-based ERP for SMBs

As your business evolves and successfully integrates new solutions for business and industry challenges, a future-proof ERP solution will be the foundation.


9 Common Questions That Keep Job Shop Owners Up At Night

Following are the 9 most common questions and concerns expressed by custom and mixed-mode manufacturers looking to improve their business. We are excited to share the answers and best practices that helped solve their problems.

MFG Success ERP Starts with You Resource Tile


Successful ERP Starts With You

These checklist will empower you to take confident action in adapting to ever-changing conditions, maintaining the health of your business, fueling growth, and increasing profitability.

MFG 10 steps resource tile


10 Steps To Choosing The Right ERP

10 best practices to help you pick the best ERP solution for your manufacturing needs and to have a successful implementation,

MFG Visibility and Insights Resource Tile


ECI Manufacturing - Visibility and Insights

See how ECI's Manufacturing Solutions are helping make businesses bigger, better and more profitable for more than 35 years.

ERP Takes The Guesswork Out Of Business Decisions Resource Tile


ERP Takes Out Guesswork Out of Business Decisions

View the infographic to see how quickly can you find inefficiencies in your business?

Protect Your Business From Ransomware Resource Tile


Help Protect Your Business from Ransomware with Cloud-based Software

Learn about ransomware, you will discover who holds businesses’ data for ransom, why they do it, what steps you can take to help protect your business, and how the cloud is one way that can help.

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Manufacturing Brochure

ERP Software for Your Discrete Manufacturing Business

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