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Problems in Manufacturing: Five Questions to Ask

Problems in Manufacturing: Five Questions to Ask

By Bob Sproull

When I begin any manufacturing process optimization consultation, I start by asking a set of key questions. Please watch my video to find out what those questions are, and why I ask them. 

Why you should answer these questions about your manufacturing process

This is how I can start you down the path to real transformation for your manufacturing operations. Your answers to these questions will form the basis of my upcoming posts as I explain how to tackle the potential manufacturing deficiencies you've uncovered.

Here are the questions in text:

  • Is your process clogged with excessive Work In Process inventory?
  • Are you using Manpower Efficiency or Equipment Utilization to monitor your process?
  • Is your On Time Delivery less than 90%?
  • Is your company's bottom line anemic and/or stagnated?
  • If you could sell more product, do you have the capacity to produce it?
Bob Sproull

About the author

Bob Sproull has helped businesses across the manufacturing spectrum improve their operations for more than 40 years.

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