Interactive sitemaps deliver a visual display of information that can be instantly updated
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LotVue® is a visual display of information using map-based views, designed specifically for homebuilders and property developers

  • Simple sitemap software

    LotVue site map software for homebuilders and developers is easy to use. No new data entry required. No need to hire an IT person. No training involved. Just log in and get started.

  • Visual community maps

    Use interactive community sitemaps to provide a visual depiction of your lot inventory, including construction progress, sales, status, budget, schedule variance, and architectural information. Add photos, renderings, and documents on a per-lot basis.

  • Mobile and interactive

    Collaborate with all your stakeholders. Access LotVue from anywhere at any time, in the office, on the road, or at the job site, from any computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile devices.

  • Website Integration

    Easily maintain and update your lot availability and homebuyer marketing collateral. You can include key features, floor plans, renderings, and photos, all on a lot-by-lot basis. 

Easy-to-implement interactive sitemaps

LotVue is compatible with your current system or is easily customized to fit your unique business needs. Data is retrieved out from your current software. No new data entry is required.


Customized integration—LotVue enables your team to view complete lot inventory without interfering with your current systems. Each integration is customized to meet your unique needs and to ensure a seamless experience. Complete integration with existing systems and workflow keeps data live and accurate, with no additional resources to manage!

Compatible with current systems—LotVue uses the existing data in your company’s construction management applications, CRM systems, ERP and financial applications, and Excel and Google documents. LotVue seamlessly integrates all data so that your key information is accessible in one place.

LotVue site map software for homebuilders and developers has the marketing tools you need to engage homebuyers online

Lotvue site map software for homebuilders and developers

LotVue empowers your marketing and sales teams to provide the information buyers need to progress from expressing interest online, through comparing new home and lot options from multiple builders, to signing a contract with you.

  • Use interactive maps to show the status of any lot in your development.
  • Visualize real-time inventory, sales status, and architectural information in a single, organized location.
  • Quickly update marketing materials and sales status on a lot-by-lot basis using interactive maps.
  • Spend less time looking for information and more time focusing on your business.

Reports and click data

Create basic or custom aggregated lot inventory reports from the data that flows into LotVue. View and share these reports with the same flexibility and access control that you have for the interactive maps.

Get simple, visual reports that show which lots are being clicked on by prospective homebuyers on your website. Use this information to set your lot premiums and to determine the best ways to present information and promote your community to your customers.

Team collaboration

LotVue is accessible on any device from any location, allowing you to collaborate from your office or on the job site.

  • Make better decisions and timely adjustments in schedules and budgets.
  • Maintain accountability and transparency across your organization with unified and shared access to your inventory.
  • Grant stakeholders secure logins to interact with the information they are authorized to view.
  • Restrict user-level access to specific lots and data views or open up access to full collaboration with your stakeholders. Create different user groups with specific access rights and assign users to the respective groups.
  • Create as many logins as you need for no additional fee.
LotVue site map software for homebuilders and developers is accessible on any device

See how LotVue helps Vantage Homes make strategic decisions

LotVue for Property Developers

Streamline the way you communicate and sell lots to homebuilders, with LotVue.

Lot management for Property Developers

Gain seamless visibility into lifecycle of the project.

  • Builder contracts
  • Lot takedown and sales
  • Stages of construction
  • Final home close out

Property Developers use LotVue to:

  • Manage and track lot information and status
  • Accurately forecast lot demand
  • Easily manage development architecture, elevations, landscaping, and other details

Cloud-based software—available whenever you need it

Access LotVue anytime, anywhere! This interactive sitemap software is a hosted solution with a minimum 99.95% uptime guarantee. Your business data is safe and secure on MarkSystems’ cloud servers.


LotVue leverages the data that you already have in your existing applications and systems. You don’t have to make any business process changes, enter any new data, hire additional people, set up any hardware, or provide extensive training. You just log in and are ready to go! 

Flexible monthly subscription—LotVue offers a highly economical and flexible pricing model. Bring your communities online all at once or as needed.

Get a demo of LotVue

Request a demo today and experience for yourself how LotVue homebuilder sitemap software can increase website conversions, improve team collaboration, and integrate your current data seamlessly for accurate, timely decision making.

Request a demo

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