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Purchasing and Inventory Management Software

Make purchasing easy and stock the right products.

Save time and reduce manual ordering errors

Purchasing doesn't have to be painful. RockSolid MAX makes it easy to order the right items without tying up cash with too much inventory. Save time with automated ordering or purchase based on past POs. Plus, integrated vendor catalogs make special orders simple, so you can make customers happy and grow your business.

What can an industry-specific purchasing and inventory management software do for you?

New software can add hours back to your day

Struggling to get your orders in on time?

Automated ordering uses your historical data to save time and improve inventory turns.

Manually placing orders with vendors?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) securely and reliably transmits orders to wholesalers and co-ops.

Keeping track of special orders tough?

Easily order, track, and invoice special items without frantic phone calls or piles of paperwork.

Receiving inventory time consuming and tedious?

Automatically reconcile received items with POs, saving time and reducing frustration.

Tracking sales trends painful?

Use historical data to understand seasonality and stock the right products in the right quantities.

Purchasing inventory for multiple locations hard?

Buy based on the needs of the entire business, improving efficiency and maximizing volume discounts.

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Industry-specific purchasing and inventory management software features

Easily place orders and conduct physical inventory

Place Stock Orders with Ease

Place Stock Orders With Ease

RockSolid MAX helps you confidently place stock orders for the right products in the right quantities. You can enter items manually, reorder based on past POs, or use suggested orders based on your criteria. Save time by ordering with mobile units on the sales floor or importing information from outside vendors. Regardless of how you create the PO, you can instantly check history and purchasing trends without ever leaving the order.

Reduce Errors with EDI

RockSolid MAX Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) will securely and reliably place orders with most major industry wholesalers and co-ops, which saves time and reduces costly errors. In many cases, it also lets you receive remittance advice, invoices, price updates, catalog updates, item images, and more .

More About EDI

Effortlessly Manage Special Orders

Having a smooth special-order process is essential for sales growth and customer loyalty. You can easily create a special-order PO during a point of sale transaction or copy quoted items into a PO. Special items are pulled in from a vendor catalog or created via a system-generated temporary SKU number. All documents related to the customer order, from the PO to the inventory receipt, are all connected and available in the software. No more frantic phone calls or searching through paper files to find information on special orders!

Stress Free Receiving LBM

Stress-free Receiving

Receiving inventory and reconciling items doesn’t have to be a painful or tedious process. With RockSolid MAX, you can simply scan items off the truck and automatically reconcile with the PO. If there are any charges (freight adders, tarp charges, fuel surcharges, etc.) not included on the original PO, you can easily enter them while finalizing the receipt. RockSolid MAX helps reduce accounting questions, as all the receiving information is connected and automatically documented in the system.

Automated Ordering Saves Time and Improves Inventory Turns

Automated Ordering Saves Time and Improves Inventory Turns

Historical data combined with intelligent automation improves the return on your inventory investment. RockSolid MAX can help accurately determine min/max quantities, which saves time, reduces shelf space and back stock, and improves inventory turns. Plus, you can override volatile commodities based on the market, your expertise, and the historical data in the system.

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RockSolid MAX makes inventory management easy

Advanced item management features and comprehensive reporting help you analyze your inventory and keep it moving!

What our customers are saying

Ralph Beisler FRUITLAND HARDWARE Santee hardware C R Moltich Shari Fuller Zink Tri County Hardware
If we’re doing a full inventory, all we have to do is go out on the floor, scan the items, and enter quantities into the system. And we don’t need to close the store to do it.


Before we switched, it would probably take me 8–10 hours every week to input my order from Orgill when it came in so that I would have the most current inventory in the system. From day one with RockSolid MAX, I could do that literally in less than five minutes.


A busy day in the store might have had me staying until 11 o’clock at night to put an order together in time. Now, I can take my tablet home and do it all at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee.


We’re not only getting people through the checkout a whole lot faster but handling special orders and requests for non-stock items is so much easier than it used to be before we switched to RockSolid MAX.


With RockSolid MAX, you can follow the paper trail on an order very easily, and that’s particularly helpful for special orders. You can track everything from the initial quote all the way through to the sale.


Our inventory is becoming better because of RockSolid MAX. Our tracking and receiving are better, and because we can access the system from anywhere through the cloud, I’m spending less time at the store.


Every time you do a special order in RockSolid MAX, it generates its own SKU with the product info and pricing all locked in. That’s not only made it so much easier to handle recurring special item orders for products we don’t stock, it’s also given us far more control of our margins.


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