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Point of Sale Software
for Hardware and Building Suppliers

Fast and convenient check-out process satisfies customers and improves productivity

Easy to use. Easy to learn. Easy to sell.

RockSolid MAX allows you to quickly get customers through the check-out process. With seamless catalog access, your cashiers can process special orders effectively, which creates a positive experience and promotes repeat business. Returns are painless, item and customer lookups are easy, and you can even send transactions via email—providing flexibility and saving paper.

Electronic catalogs provide instant access to non-stock items

Watch this 1-minute video to learn how RockSolid MAX can help you compete with the "big guys" by providing instant access to items from your wholesaler, co-op, or other vendors. With accurate cost and availability, you can seize the opportunity and take the order!

Industry-specific and integrated POS

Your point of sale can generate productivity or cause stress in your business

Long lines frustrating customers and cashiers?

Get efficient checkout lines with a fast, intuitive, and feature-rich point of sale.

Are special orders or returns painful?

Satisfy customers by quickly processing returns or creating purchase orders at point of sale.

Rekeying data from other software or design tools?

Save time and eliminate mistakes by seamlessly importing data into POS or purchasing.

Item or account lookup slowing down transactions?

Access or modify account or item information without leaving the point of sale screens.

Difficult to analyze POS trends or spot variances?

Quickly create inquiries and reports on cash drawer closing, invoice reversal, overrides, and more.

Can you sell if your power or internet is unavailable?

Process emergency front counter sales with POS Assured offline option.

Isn't it time to transform your business?


Intuitive Point of Sale Software

Train new employees quickly and improve your customers' check-out experience

De Maris Hardware Case Study

Customer Case Study: Tyler and Katie DeMaris, DeMaris Hardware

“One of the biggest things about RockSolid MAX for us is the ease and speed of processing transactions. If you’re at the cash register and a customer comes up, you can sell them an item with just two clicks of a button. We’re in a world where nobody wants to wait for anything anymore, so being able just to scan and click to make a sale is a big deal for us and our customers.”

Toronto Case Study

Customer Case Study: Shari Fuller, Toronto Lumber

“With RockSolid MAX, you can follow the paper trail on an order very easily, and that’s particularly helpful for special orders. You can track everything from the initial quote all the way through to the sale. It’s easy to search and easy to follow with RockSolid MAX because everything is all linked together.”

Tri County Case Study

Customer Case Study: Archie Atwell, Tri-County Hardware

“Every time you do a special order in RockSolid MAX, it generates its own SKU with the product info and pricing all locked in. That’s not only made it so much easier to handle recurring special item orders for products we don’t stock, it’s also given us far more control of our margins.”


What are our customers saying?

As a small business, there’s usually only one of us up at the cash register at any time, so it’s important that we’re able to take care of customers in a timely manner.

DeMaris Hardware

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