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POS with Integrated Document Management

RockSolid MAX will track, manage, and store documents electronically—saving time and reducing frustration.

Electronic document management improves efficiency and customer service.

All transactions are automatically linked in RockSolid MAX, and even handwritten or faxed records can be attached, so you have access to everything you need electronically. Quickly access your customers’ quotes, orders, POs, receiving documents, and sales invoices in one centralized, easy-to-use system. Save time and money by emailing customers their statements and invoices.

Reduce paper. Save postage. Be more productive.

Watch this 90-second video to see how RockSolid MAX software can help simplify your statement and invoicing processes to save you time and money every month.

Core Document Management Functionality

Automatically link all transactions in RockSolid MAX

Spending hours organizing and filing paperwork?

Eliminate or reduce paper documents so staff can refocus their efforts on other priorities.

Locating documents frustrating?

Answer questions immediately, improving customer and employee satisfaction.

Prepping month-end statements take days?

Save time and get paid faster by emailing customers their statements and invoices.

Incurring expense for paper, printing, and postage?

Save thousands of dollars each year using electronic document management.

Struggling to track handwritten or faxed documents?

Easily attach packing lists, notes, tax forms, or virtually any Windows® file.

Have lots of filing cabinets storing old documents?

Repurpose that floor space and expense for something that positively impacts the business.

Electronic Document Management

Access all customer quotes, orders, POs, receiving documents, and sales invoices in seconds!

Document Management lets you attach handwritten notes, emails, faxed RFQs, photos, and more.

Attach any Windows file in RockSolid MAX!

Besides system-generated documents, you can use a scanner to attach other information to any record including handwritten, emailed, or faxed RFQs, a photo of delivered items, vendor invoices, job site maps, or voicemails from key accounts.

Say goodbye to pre-printed forms

Watch this 1-minute video to see how RockSolid MAX creates invoices and other documents instantly—you can even tailor them for specific customers or situations. Since they're generated on demand, they never go out of date or take up shelf space.

Stop drowning in paper!

Watch this short video to see how the document management functionality of RockSolid MAX software can save you time, reduce staff frustration, and satisfy customers with instant access to information—without digging through piles of paperwork!

Isn't it time to transform your business?


Customer Success Stories

Read how RockSolid MAX customers benefit from electronic document management

Toronto Lumber

Case Study: Jessie Hoag, Toronto Lumber

“With RockSolid MAX, you can follow the paper trail on an order very easily, and that’s particularly helpful for special orders. You can track everything from the initial quote all the way through to the sale. It’s easy to search and easy to follow with RockSolid MAX because everything is all linked together.”

Tri County Hardware

Customer Case Study: Archie Atwell, Tri-County Hardware

"You build your quote and you can flow that information seamlessly into your vendor orders, receiving documents, delivery tickets and sales invoices without having to retype a thing. That aspect of the program alone has reduced the time we used to spend processing paperwork by at least 65 percent!”

Railroad Ave Supply

Case Study: Ralph Beisler, Railroad Avenue Supply Company

“With RockSolid MAX, we spend a lot less time trying to track down paper and a lot less money on photocopies and postage.”


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What our customers are saying

If we didn’t have RockSolid MAX, we’d still be spending a huge amount of time sorting through paperwork instead of using that time to work on refreshing the store.


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