POS System with Accounts Receivable Software

POS with Accounts Receivable Software

RockSolid MAX will simplify your accounting process and improve cash flow.

Improve cash flow and customer satisfaction.

RockSolid MAX can seamlessly process payments through Point of Sale or Accounts Receivable. You will get paid faster by processing month-end statements in minutes within the software. Billing cycles close automatically (based on your schedule), and you can email statements or invoices—saving time and reducing expense. Plus, it's easy to review A/R status for accounts or jobs for any time period, so you can quickly understand what is at risk of being late.

Get paid faster!

Watch this 3-minute demo video to see how RockSolid MAX's integrated accounts receivable can save you time, reduce expenses, and better serve your customers—all while improving your cash flow!

Accounts Receivable Features

Improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and cash flow.

Make the accounts receivable process easier

Save time and get paid faster by emailing customers their statements directly from the software.

Create forms on demand as you need them

RockSolid MAX reduces expenses and makes invoicing easy by creating the forms you need.

Manage aging receivables to improve cash flow

Improve cash flow with A/R status and aging reports to quickly show what's at risk of being late.

Simplified Accounts Receivable

Eliminate redundancy, lower costs, and reduce errors by managing your accounts receivable in RockSolid MAX.

Don't spend hours on month-end statements

Watch this 90-second video to see how RockSolid MAX software can help simplify your statement and invoicing processes to save you time and money every month.

Easier invoicing without pre-printed forms

RockSolid MAX generates all the forms you need—you can even tailor them for specific customers and situations. Printing invoices on-demand or, better yet, emailing them to your customers will reduce expense, improve accuracy, and eliminate frustration with managing pre-printed documents.

Accounts Receivable

How much can you really save by emailing statements?

Try our free savings calculator to understand how much you could save in paper, postage, and labor expense by emailing statements instead of managing piles of paper.

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Integrated A R

Simplify your accounting processes with integrated A/R

Process payments through Point of Sale or Accounts Receivable. Billing cycles close automatically (based on your schedule), and you can print/fax/email statements and invoices at any time. A/R Status shows current and last statement or listings of charges and credits. Easily review activity for any period, by job or for all jobs, so you can understand what is at risk of being late.

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How much could you save on month-end statements? Calculate your savings now!

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What our customers are saying

The POS side of the program interfaces seamlessly with our accounting. The checks and balances are so much stronger with RockSolid MAX because of how well the program tracks everything. Nothing falls through the cracks anymore.


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