field service management software

How profitable are your contracts?

We can quickly see which customers' contracts are giving us a profit and which pieces of equipment are having issues. In doing so, we can serve our customers better.

–Theresa White, Image Business Solutions

Managing existing customer relationships is critical to driving business growth and securing repeat business.

Do you know…

  • How much your sales contracts are actually making?
  • Which machines are pulling their weight and which machines are under-utilized?
  • Which machines are performing most efficiently for the price?

E-automate® cloud-based field service management software helps you assist your customers in saving money while increasing your contract profitability!

E-automate's reports provide insight to help you take efficient actions such as:

  • Swapping out that old machine that is costing you more money in service calls than you are making
  • Proving your commitment to customers with insight into toner usage and steps they can take to be more efficient
  • Discovering the machines that work best in different types of businesses while providing you the best yield on contracts

Ready to increase contract profits?

See how e-automate helps you manage contracts and drive growth.

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