E-automate® software's service department solutions offer even more control over inventory monitoring and maintenance, technician tracking, and ticketing.

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Do you know where your service techs are every minute of every day?

RemoteTech dispatch software is helping hundreds of dealers nationwide to extend their profitability through better service management. Using RemoteTech, field service technicians have the ability to get service call information, manage service activities, and input data while out in the field using their mobile device or laptop.

Inventory Management

  • Technicians can search for and order parts for calls
  • Pre-order parts for calls without dispatching
  • Barcoding to add parts to the call
  • Choose parts from multiple tech bins
  • Tech-to-tech field transfer
  • Add parts using horizontal vendor part numbers
  • Inventory requests for restockingcar/truck
  • Automated parts requests via Inventory Logistics Console
  • Record parts used from a customer's warehouse

Enhanced Time Card

  • Account for all gaps in the pay period
  • Techs can enter non-call time via mobile devices
  • Small time gaps between calls can be auto inserted
  • Upon dispatching to a call, techs are prompted for unaccounted time
  • Upon un-dispatching, the travel time is auto-recorded with a default activity
  • Unavailability date/time auto inserted into the time card
  • Techs can view their time on mobile devices and submit when complete

Call Search and Reassignment

  • Search can be restricted to only managers
  • Managers can search and reassign to their team or other groups
  • Techs can search but not reassign calls or be allowed to reassign all or specific calls
  • Calls can be searched by status, tech, customer, and equipment
  • Call history is viewable along with parts used

Call Processing

  • Customizable call list
  • Techs see call status: waiting on parts, parts available, credit hold, etc.
  • Parts workflow shows the tech when the part is available for dispatch
  • Color-coding to highlight urgent calls
  • Dispatch, arrive and depart to record labor
  • View machine history
  • Primary tech can add an assistant(s)
  • Assistants record their own labor and parts
  • Add parts to the call, record meters
  • Tech can see when a preventative maintenance is due and record when the maintenance is completed
  • Add problem and repair codes
  • Re-dispatch to a call
  • Re-arrive and re-depart calls
  • Allows multiple labor record on one call
  • Multiple techs can record labor on a call

Call Creation

  • Techs can create calls
  • Full access to customer and equipment
  • Optional creation of calls for unknown equipment

Let's talk about how RemoteTech can help your business.

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How many incomplete calls do you have because of lack of parts?

Managing part inventory and more in the field is possible with Remote Service Manager™ software. It puts all the informational power of e-automate into the hands of the service manager in the field, keeping the dealer’s service management resources close to the action and able to directly address daily challenges as they strive to exceed customers' expectations.

Key Features

  • Drill down into call details
  • Use powerful grouping, filtering, and search
  • Access quick links to contact customers and technicians via phone or email
  • View Alerts from CEO Juice, a software that will help you manage sales, service performance and customer communications (not included)
  • Schedule and reassign calls
  • See technician availability
  • Email technicians and customers
  • Set calls on or off hold
  • View Item History for Technicians, Equipment, and Customers
  • View Notes for Customers, Equipment, and Technicians

Let's talk about how Remote Service Manager can improve service in the field.

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Wasting time entering tickets?

DeskTechis a ticket management system for your helpdesk team. From simple to complex tickets, DeskTech allows you to enter, triage, process, and close tickets—all on one screen!

All the information your team needs from your e-automate system is quickly accessible in DeskTech. Additional capabilities include the option to assign, escalate, or add labor records to any ticket.

Let's talk about how DeskTech can assist your helpdesk team.

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