No two businesses are exactly alike. That's why a one-size-fits-all solution will not work for many operations. At e-automate, we provide a selection of add-on solutions that let you create the business system that serves your needs best.

Digital Taskforce logo

Overwhelmed because you have a lot of details to track?

Digital Taskforce is like having your own watchdog. This virtual assistant monitors the e-automate system and alerts you to specific events. Fully integrated into e-automate, Digital Taskforce will trigger alerts on a variety of topics including:


  • Track customers who have not made a purchase in the last 6 months
  • Alert every time a new customer is created


  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Alert when an item drops below desired stock levels
  • Report when a new item is created


  • Track all calls on credit hold
  • Monitor all contract leases due to terminate in 10, 30 or 60 days
  • Alert when a particular customer calls for service
  • Alert when a customer issues a service call via the web
  • Report all contracts due to expire in 45 days


  • Monitor all back orders open for more than 10, 30 or 60 days
  • Track all overdue sales orders
  • Alert on all sales quotes due to expire in 7 days

Let's talk about how Digital Taskforce can help your business.

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Do you spend too much time answering customer account questions?

e-info Enhanced Web Portal gives your customers the ability to manage their equipment online through a portal that's designed to match the look and feel of your company's website. Using e-info, customers can order supplies and check order status, initiate service requests, monitor account information, view account summary, and input meter readings.

Plus with e-info you receive:

  • A custom branded e-info login home page to match your current website
  • A customized mobile optimized CSS overlay for your e-info site (extra fee)
  • A marketing package to provide to your customers with information on how to get the most out of e-info

Let's talk about how e-info can help your business.

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Digital Quote Manager

Digital Quote Manager logo

Are unprofessional and unreliable customer quotes a problem?
Do they take too long to create?

Digital Quote Manager (DQM) is a powerful tool for both sales managers and reps. Once specific equipment and accessory configurations and their costs are input, your reps can create sales quotes in a fraction of the time. This takes the hassle out of quote generation and eliminates costly errors caused by incorrect equipment configurations.

Digital Quote Manager also includes Digital Pricing and the Total Cost of Ownership analysis tool. These essential utilities will enable your DQM application to identify costs associated with your customer's current equipment. It is then possible to seek out cost-effective, real-time pricing from several prominent office/toner supply companies to add to proposals. These tools ensure you are in the best possible position to develop a cost-savings proposal that will prove profitable not just to the customer/prospect but your dealership as well.

Using Digital Quote Manager you can:

  • Specify required accessories
  • List optional accessories
  • Assign dependent accessories
  • Organize quotes by prospect/customer then related opportunities
  • Define min/max
  • Set up rules
  • Provide different price levels for use by sales reps
  • Import meter-read capture data from your prospect
  • Run TCO calculations based upon the imported meter captures and real-time best pricing from suppliers
  • Generate proposals and executive summary reports which clearly demonstrate ROI
  • Turn proposals into sales orders and contracts at the push of a button using bi-directional integration with e-automate
  • Generate Total Cost of Ownership comparisons between a prospect's current environment to help you seal the deal

Let's talk about how Digital Quote Manager can help your business.

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ECi FMAudit logo

Missing the mark on meter reads and device insight?

Running on more than eight million devices, ECi FMAudit® software for managed services provides device assessment, data analysis, total cost of ownership (TCO) proposal generation, and ongoing device monitoring for supply levels.

When integrated with e-automate, FMAudit provides:

  • Data on non-managed devices that enables dealers to determine competitive devices to recommend as replacements
  • True bi-directional data sync
  • Automated supply quotes
  • Access to invaluable user data

Let's talk about how ECi FMAudit can help your business.

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ECi Acsellerate logo

Lacking the sales tools to successfully retain customers and find qualified prospects?

Acsellerate® CRM provides all the information and tools necessary to understand your customer's purchasing trends, manage leads in your sales pipeline, and effectively monitor sales and margin opportunities. By linking your sales data to your sales activities, management and sales teams can efficiently prioritize initiatives and create meaningful plans to reach their goals. New reports in Acsellerate designed especially for e-automate users give you more insight into your business and your customers.

Using this dynamic customer relationship manager (CRM) allows you to:

  • Easily focus on expiring leases and contracts with Lease, Contract and Equipment views
  • Quickly view current readings as well as have the 3-, 6- and 12-month average volume right at your fingertips
  • View Overage Rates and Covered Copies in the meter group details
  • Easily see details of accessories tied to equipment
  • Access tooltips to find additional details for help in decision-making

Let's talk about how ECi Acsellerate can help your business.

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NET1 logo

As the use of cash and check transactions continue to decline in favor of faster, more connected payment forms, businesses of every size are finding the benefits of integrated ERP and payment processing systems.

Integrated ERP and payment solutions improves your business three ways:

1) Streamlined and efficient operations

2) Improved data security

3) Outstanding customer service

Why over 100,000 merchants select NET1 for their payment processing needs.

  • Free set-up of merchant account and ecommerce gateways
  • Guaranteed lowest overall processing costs
  • Accurate and detailed rate quote with full disclosure of all potential fees or charges
  • No application, programming or setup fees
  • Prompt response from a highly trained merchant consultants
  • All 3 payment processing levels including Level 3 for government agencies and large institutions.
  • One of the highest approval rates in the industry
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