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It can be a challenge to operate efficiently when your business management tools are fragmented and decentralized. If you have to spend hours sifting through and comparing multiple spreadsheets, it becomes an obstacle, preventing you from focusing on growing your business.

E-automate® cloud-based field service management software solutions can simplify and centralize your complex business processes. With automated alerts, data mining tools, data import utilities, and a step-by-step help standard, e-automate seamlessly integrates all your business functions into one easy-to-use interface. Errors and redundant tasks are reduced, allowing you and your team to focus less on everyday functions and more on profitable growth.

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With robust sales management features, you have all of the information you need to provide excellent customer service and increase sales revenues

  • Generate quotes, orders, and invoices
  • Manage picking, shipping, and invoicing process
  • Manage back order and order flow (entry, picking, staging, shipping, and invoicing)
  • Initiate return material authorization (RMA) tracking for customer returns or credit memos
  • Automate invoicing and email delivery


Ensure you get the most from contracts in place and gain control over billing and service contracts

  • Automate invoicing and email delivery
  • Manage flexible revenue distribution
  • Integrate with meter collection system
  • Automate meter requests, integrate with data collection agents
  • Receive alerts when contracts or warranties are about to expire
  • Access multi-tiered contract profitability (type, contract, equipment)
  • Seamlessly integrates with FMAudit® software for managed services, including managed print services (MPS)


Keep track of and optimize your service technicians to ensure you get maximum compliance and profitability from your contracts

  • Log, clear, dispatch, and invoice equipment-based or IT-based service calls
  • Recommend service call assignments based on technician's qualifications and ability to reassign calls
  • Replenish technician's stock
  • Bill for chargeable service calls
  • Log incomplete calls for parts
  • Automate invoicing and email delivery
  • Automate preventative maintenance call creation
  • Manage equipment (serial tracking, location, status and more)
  • Seamlessly integrate with RemoteTech service dispatch software
  • Seamlessly integrate with DeskTech help desk ticket management


Without an effective way to keep an accurate and up-to-date record of inventory and parts locations, it’s nearly impossible to run a successful service business. Centralize inventory management functions with e-automate.

  • Inventory logistics management
    • P.O. generation
    • Manage transfers and auto transfer replenishment for technicians
    • Automate P.O. creation when items need reordering
  • Manage multiple warehouses and bins
  • Auto set min and max variables based on historical usage
  • Physical inventory module
    • Seamlessly integrate with ScanIt web-based inventory count software
    • Seamlessly integrate with Dealer Gateway to directly link to manufacturer databases


Automated purchasing is a key factor for reducing costs and keeping your cash flow healthy

  • Automate purchase order generation
  • Link purchase orders (sales orders, service calls)
  • Automate purchase order receipt and notification
  • Initiate transfers return to vendor (RTV) tracking for vendor returns and credits
  • Integrations with major vendors and PO Processor and PO Receiver software


Efficiently managing your finances is at the core of your business and is critical to your continued success

  • Manage receivables and payables
  • Perform general ledger and journal entries (regular and automated entries)
  • Conduct banking transactions and reconciliation
  • Integrate credit card processing
  • Support AP payment cycles
  • Automate "on hold" status (customer and transactions)
  • Reconcile subsidiary ledger
  • Automate deferred revenue recognition
  • Automate statement generation and email delivery


Get instant access to the critical information you need to manage the most important aspects of your business and keep everyone up to date

  • Comprehensive management and financial reporting capabilities including Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Comparative financials
  • Contract profitability
  • Robust service statistics
  • Inventory valuation
  • Customized reports with drill down capability

Customer Self-Service

Empowering your customers to do more for themselves will improve customer service and remove further costs from your business

  • Reduce accounting overhead by allowing your customers to pay invoices online
  • Speed up call resolution by enabling customers to audit tickets or log their own service requests
  • Free up resources by letting customers order consumables
  • Save time by notifying customers to enter their meter readings
  • Improve customer service by keeping your business open 24/7

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