Success Story:
RJ Young

RJ Young Saves Time and Expense with PO Processor

“PO Processor will change the way you do business.”
                                                Scott Niccolich, Parts Warehouse Manager, RJ Young

With 19 offices in six states, RJ Young has been a force in the office equipment industry for more than 60 years. As the third largest independently owner dealer in the United States, RJ Young prides itself on offering leading solutions with expanded capabilities to empower business growth. They expect that same level of capability from their business management solution.

Originally an ECi OMD dealer, RJ Young migrated to e-automate in 2013. “It was quite an undertaking because e-automate is so different from OMD,” said Scott Niccolich, Parts Warehouse Manager at RJ Young. “We were, however, instantly aware that the potential for e-automate was far greater than that of OMD.”

Purchasing, automated

Not long after the migration, Scott heard about ECi’s PO Processor (POP) utility. POP is the time saving tool that allows dealers to access pricing and product availability, place orders directly with participating vendors, and receive purchase order confirmations in real time.

“Just the concept alone made me want it,” said Scott. “It took a few years before we were able to get with the vendors and activate POP, but once it has some wind in its sails, you can truly harness the ‘automate’ aspect of e-automate. It starts to work for you instead of just being a tool to do your work.”

Today, RJ Young has integrations with Ricoh and Canon for parts, as well as Supplies Network, Q2 and Clover. They use PO Processor to process about 60% of their estimated 500 equipment, parts, and supplies purchase orders each week.

Business, simplified

“Click it and forget it,” continued Niccolich. “When using PO Processor, you don’t have to interact with the vendors and their websites at all. It’s just a few button clicks and the order is placed, pricing is updated, and confirmations are returned. I can move on to more pressing matters instead of trying to navigate a vendor’s website, or even worse, having to call in or email an order.”

“Time is money and while it takes some legwork to get it up and running, POP shaves so much time off of your ordering process and purchase order maintenance that the time and money you will save will literally change the way you do business.”

“So you’re placing an order online and it takes you three minutes start to finish,” said Niccolich. “What if I told you that you can do the same order in 15 seconds…Who wouldn’t want that?”

For a list of participating PO Processor vendors and service providers, click here or contact your account manager.

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