Measure, Manage, and Monitor

E-automate's IT service solutions eliminate redundant tasks to improve time and resource efficiency while saving money. Our solutions help you keep technology running smoothly by continuously measuring, managing, and monitoring network operations. 


Are any of these a problem for you? 

  • Understanding your inventory levels and restocking efficiently
  • Tracking your techs' productivity and accuracy
  • Getting disparate, unrelated software systems to work together
  • Monitoring, renewing and maintaining contracts

If you said "yes" to any of the above, e-automate® service business software's IT solutions can help!

Solutions for service-centric businesses

E-automate can help you provide IT managed services or improve your current operation. Management and maintenance of equipment can be made time and resource efficient allowing you to grow your customer base. Your customers can rely on you as an IT expert!

  • Sales

    Simplify and streamline your sales process

  • Purchasing

    Intelligent buying means improved cash flow

  • Inventory

    Tighten inventory levels and increase profits

  • Contracts

    Proactive contract management reduces lost revenues

  • Service

    Easily log, clear, dispatch, and invoice service calls

  • Accounting

    Sound finances are the key to your business success

  • Reports

    Make educated business decisions quickly

  • Customer Self-Service

    Improve customer service and remove further costs

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accounting contracts inventory purchasing reports sales service Customers

Genesis Technologies uses e-automate to improve efficiency and the bottom line


John Kaiser, VP of Finance & Operations for Genesis Technologies, explains how e-automate helps the company save time and money.

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See e-automate for yourself with a customized demo to suit your needs.

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