Fort Worth, TX

ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced the release of e-automate® software v16.1. E-automate is the premier solution for office technology dealers and field service providers, delivering cloud-based ERP software to a dealer base of more than 1,500.

Version 16.1 is e-automate’s Financial Management System release and the first of a series of updates that focuses on a concentrated area of the software. Organizing software releases in such a way gives ECi the ability to provide more in-depth, high-quality solutions. Enhancements for the accounts payable (AP) function include creation and posting of recurring AP invoices, the ability to attach documents to invoices, easy set-up of payment cycles, and the ability to un-apply or re-apply payments. In addition, the system admin can require internal notes or external remarks for voiding AR/AP transactions. The new enhancements make the AP function more flexible and improve the information tracking associated with invoices. 

"Our dedication to proactively evolving the technology to meet market demands and provide value to our customers has been the key differentiator for e-automate," said Laryssa Alexander, president of ECi’s Technology Services Division. "We work to deliver the enhancements that our dealers need to improve their everyday work experience and streamline processes." 

“We have tested many products for ECi and, as a Controller, 16.1 is a release that I can greatly relate to,” said MaryJane Biswell of AAA Business Systems. “I’ve already added several notes to voided transactions in our system which will help tremendously for auditing purposes. I also love the new recurring vendor invoices function. I’m grateful for the ECi team and other dealers participating in beta testing for making this possible.” 

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