Provo, Utah

Digital Gateway, Inc., a subsidiary of ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced its plans to start branding its flagship ERP system for the office equipment industry as ECi e-automate® software, complete with new logos for the software and its suite of add-on products.  The new product name and logos more closely reflect the growing identity of e-automate software as part of the ECi group of office equipment ERP solutions.  Digital Gateway will continue to operate as a separate company within the ECi Software Solutions family.

ECi acquired Digital Gateway in September 2011, making it the newest member of ECi’s Office Equipment Division. In the 2+ years following the acquisition, Digital Gateway has made some important changes that have benefited both staff and customers.

“We’ve invested heavily in the e-automate software over the past year,” said Laryssa Alexander, President of ECi’s Office Equipment Division. “Our development team has poured countless hours into evolving the software to tackle both technological and strategic changes that have arisen in the industry.  We’ve also actively recruited and cross-trained personnel across our Office Equipment Division to provide more flexible implementation and support resources. These additions will ensure that e-automate users will have access to similar resources as the rest of the ECi customer base.”

The brand transition will take place over the next few months with no noticeable impact to Digital Gateway’s current operations. Users of e-automate software and the public will experience this transition as a change in aesthetics represented through the various ways Digital Gateway communicates with the industry (advertisement, emails, websites, etc.).

“ECi’s Office Equipment Division continues to be a shining star for office equipment dealers seeking the best in technology,” said Ron Books, President and CEO of ECi Software Solutions.  “The rebranding of e-automate software to include ECi is a representation of our continued commitment to the industry.  We want customers and prospects to know that the entire ECi family of companies has the dealers’ interests at heart and will continue to invest in staff, resources and product development so that our dealers continue to grow and prosper.”