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ECI's preferred gateway for credit and debit card payments and online processing.

ECI's preferred payment solution for online credit card and payment processing

Online credit card processing is the most effective and economical way to process payments. Since 2011, NET1 has provided ECI customers credit card processing; typically at a substantially lower cost than other processors. NET1 is integrated with the ECI Advantage, DDMS, DDMSPLUS, e-automate, M1, JobBOSS, Macola, Red Falcon, RockSolid POS, RockSolid MAX, Spruce, and TeamDesign software products.

Payment Processing Features

Secure Your Transaction and Your Business

Reduce your business liability by storing and securing sensitive payment card information offsite in NET1’s credit card vault. Card numbers maintained by your business are kept secure and simultaneously, the system validates that any card being used isn't stolen.

For ongoing payments from regular customers, credit card numbers no longer need to be stored on your server. All the credit card data you process with NET1 is encrypted and thus protected from any online incursions and business liabilities.

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Virtual Terminal

Collect Payments from Anywhere

Process both credit card and ACH payments. Works with NET1's advanced payment gateway to provide a secure, reliable, and cost-effective system for authorizing and managing payment transactions over the Internet.

NET1 Payment Solutions offers extensive fraud and risk prevention features that lead the industry in protecting merchants.

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Check Processing

Make Check Processing Easy

Safe and simple for consumers and businesses, NET1 offers Electronic Check Services which move payments electronically from your customer's checking account to your NET1 Merchant Account. NET1 Electronic Check Services is a true Automated Clearing House (ACH) product that requires no double entry or back-end check printing. It works like a paper check, without the additional costs and time delays.

NET1 Electronic Check Services process payments and displays real-time reports from any internet-enabled PC, providing convenient access away from the office.

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Gift/Loyalty Cards

Increase Business with Gift/Loyalty Cards

Gift and loyalty programs get customers into your store or business as only dramatic price reductions have done in the past.

And, most consumers tend to spend more than the value of their card, making loyalty programs an excellent opportunity to reward and reinforce repeat visits and referrals from your customers. NET1 Payment Solutions provides a one stop solution, making it easy for you to initiate and benefit from both types of card programs.

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Level 3 Payment Processing

Increase Profits with Level 3 Processing

Level 3 processing can dramatically drop your base interchange rate for business-to-business and business-to-government transactions. The results can be a 1% difference in costs which truly impacts your bottom line.

What is Level 3?

Level 3 transactions are government credit cards or corporate cards that require detailed transaction leval data. Since so much data is needed to qualify for Level 3, the processing rates are lower and require well-equipped software.

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Flexible Payment Options

Offer Payment Options Your Customers Want

Give your customers a variety of payment options.

NET1 supports major cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express and lets shoppers pay without revealing their card details online. Shoppers can also use alternative payment methods (APMs), bank transfers, and recurring payments as well as accept Apple Pay*, Samsung Pay, and NFC payments.

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Benefits of NET1 Payment Processing Integration

  • Process payments on sales orders and recurring contract invoices
  • Credit funds back to a card from a processed ECI ERP solution accounts receivable invoice
  • Accept credit/debit card/ACH payments from a sales order or AR invoice with 24-hour access to processing and reporting
  • Automatically create the appropriate payment and credit information in your ECI ERP solution
  • Internet-based with no modem or credit card machine required and no software training needed
  • Flexible Tier 1–3 solutions for B2B, B2C, and large government contract requirements
  • Hassle free! No installation or constant updates to perform

NET1 customers typically save $50–$300 per month when they switch to NET1.


NET1 saved us at least 35% a month on bank and credit card fees compared to what we had been paying. And our month-end reconciliations became so much easier.

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