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Drive Sales Performance and Increase Profitability

Customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence software.

A CRM and analytics tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

Acsellerate® is a leading sales intelligence and CRM solution that integrates business data, helping you quickly and easily understand your customers and turning those insights into tangible results.

Sales Intelligence & CRM Features
NEW Graphical Dashboards

The new graphical dashboards streamline communication to help business owners and sales leaders make better business decisions, and empower their employees to stay focused on essential business activities.

Improve Sales by Measuring Key Metrics!

Take Your Sales Team to the Next Level

Activity dashboards analyze and present key sales KPIs while presenting best practices tailored to help sales professionals be more effective. Busy sales leaders and teams can visualize key metrics, analyze their activities and tasks, and be proactively directed to actionable insights, improving their performance. 

Sales leaders often find it extremely difficult to manage their sales teams and uncover critical trends without having to use multiple solutions, costing them time and money.  Activity dashboards give you the insights you need to create a top-performing sales team.

Activity Dashboards

  • Compelling Visualizations to help your sales leaders and teams be more efficient.
  • Sales Key Performance Indicators. New CRM metrics quickly drive organizational alignment and focus.  
  • Purpose Driven Visualizations.  Answer critical CRM questions without having to know in advance what data you need.
  • Lead Management. At-a-glance view to drive your prospecting and new customer acquisition efforts.  
  • Sales Team Productivity. Easily visualize your sales team and their productivity.
  • Manage Over-Due Tasks. Improve sales efficiencies by quickly reviewing overdue tasks and ensuring your sales team is following up in a timely manner. 
NEW Customer Intelligence Dashboards

CXi (CXintelligence) reduces the time spent running reports by delivering on-demand purchasing KPI’s and graphical dashboards directly to your end customers.

On-demand Customer Intelligence Dashboards

Stop Wasting Valuable Time Creating Custom Reports for Your Key Accounts

The new CXintelligence (CXi) solution, powered by Cognytics, delivers actionable purchasing intelligence through visually appealing graphical dashboards and purpose driven reporting that simplifies purchasing analysis for busy CFOs and purchasing professionals.

You can build a branded solution for your customer in minutes, freeing up valuable selling time and reducing operational reporting expenses.

Customer Intelligence Dashboards

  • Increase efficiency by reducing the time staff spends generating reports for your customers
  • Proactively support your customers with transparent access to their purchase information
  • Quickly builds trust through transactional transparency and reporting
  • Win new business and target larger customers with a clear competitive advantage
  • All information is “customer friendly” so you never worry about providing data with cost or GP%.
  • Customizable login pages, logos, and themes empower you to brand CXi as a strategic part of your value proposition and compete effectively in today’s fast-paced distribution market.

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Integrated CRM

Get Integrated CRM, Analytics, and Advanced Reporting

Use Customer Intelligence to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Acsellerate ties your system data directly to your sales tools, providing a single integrated solution with reports, alerts, sales-intelligence, and CRM. An effective CRM helps the entire organization consistently anticipate and respond to customer needs, creating increased satisfaction and loyalty.

This powerful solution provides your organization with all the information necessary to understand customer purchase trends, manage leads in your sales pipeline, and effectively monitor sales and margin opportunities.

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Learn more about CRM by reading our new CRM 411 infographic.

Acsellerate CRM Infographic
Mobile CRM

Quickly Look up Accounts and Check Key Stats

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Mobile CRM helps your sales team quickly and easily enter notes from customer meetings and update their call logs. You and your team can use the mobile app to find contacts or prospects nearby or quickly check service call history and purchases on the go! Everyone is busy. Don't wait until you are back in the office to update information from your last appointment or meeting.

Take care of business anywhere.

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Profitability Manager

Help Customers Save Money While Increasing Your Bottom Line

Automatically Recommend More Profitable Substitute Items

Reviewing your customers’ usage and determining more profitable substitute items can be a time-consuming and painfully manual process. Acsellerate’s Profitability Manager automates this process.

Profitability Manager analyzes your customer’s usage and identifies substitute items from our proprietary cross-reference database. It then calculates your margin increase and potential customer savings and communicates with your ERP system in real-time, pulling current costs and customer price plans.

Available for users of ECI's Red Falcon, DDMSPLUS and TeamDesign products, the Profitability Manager will transform your business.

Learn how profitability manager can boost your profits.

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Reporting & Analytics

Use Analytics to Transform How You Manage Customer Relationships

Retain Your Best Customers and Improve Margins

Know exactly when customers’ transaction levels begin to dwindle and receive automatic alerts with cross-selling and margin improvement opportunities. Our interactive dashboards not only recognize under-performing accounts, but the dynamic nature will allow you to quickly determine the best way to yield improvement.

A variety of flexible and customizable reporting options are available and accessible on-line in a matter of seconds. Our report generator allows users to quickly access necessary information for assigned accounts, making it easy to track daily sales performance and uncover margin opportunities.

Unique to Acsellerate, the Customer Business Review is a comprehensive report offering a professional analysis of your account's purchases and your performance as their supplier. By tailoring this report to meet your customers' needs and your business goals, you will position your organization as a proactive partner.

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Purchasing Intelligence

Win More Business With Purchasing Intelligence

Give Customers the Ability to Run Reports and Access Purchasing Information at Any Time

The new CXintelligence™ (CXi) solution, powered by Cognytics, delivers actionable purchasing intelligence through visually appealing graphical dashboards and purpose driven reporting that simplifies purchasing analysis for busy CFO’s and purchasing professionals.

With CXi you can compete with the big box chains by positioning your company as a proactive partner providing transparent access to purchasing information. Comprehensive account and departmental information is presented through interactive dashboards and detailed reports, including:

  • Top Returned Item Analysis
  • Item Usage Reporting
  • Departmental Percentage Spend Analysis

All information is customer-facing only, so you never worry about providing data with your cost or gross profit percentage.

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"It's user-friendly for my sales reps, for customer service people to get the information about a particular account or their sales for a period of time—any aspect of their accounts, it's quicker and easier to understand through Acsellerate." Bret Wrigley, Wrigley's Business Products and Services

Focused For Your Industry
  • Office Equipment Dealers
  • Office Products Dealers
  • Contract Furniture Dealers
ACS Persona Customer Information
Trouble understanding your customers?

Intel at the push of a button

Trouble understanding your customers?

Acsellerate CRM delivers critical intelligence for every business function at the click of a button. Our intuitive and flexible software makes onboarding and training simple. Our team of experienced support and training professionals are dedicated to helping you be successful today and in the future.

“Everything changes so fast in our industry today. Customers make decisions on the fly, cost increases come more and more frequently and if we aren’t able to see what’s going on when it happens, keeping the business strong and growing becomes a real challenge.” — Bonnie Johnson, Perry Office

ACS Persona Market Demands
Need to react to market demands and changes?

Get a clear business picture

Need to react to market demands and changes?

Acsellerate is an easy-to-use integrated CRM and Sales Intelligence solution that includes extensive reporting and proactive alerting capabilities that provide you with a clear picture of your customer relationships and how the market and their purchasing trends are affecting your margins and revenue. Acsellerate helps smaller businesses gain the same advantages as the big box players by allowing you to leverage software solutions to gain insights and react quickly to market and business changes.

"One of our strengths as an independent business is to react quickly to situations. Acsellerate provides instant information that allows us to leverage that strength, reacting to customer opportunities faster than the power channel." — Craig Bartholomew, 360 Office Solutions

ACS Persona Improve Margins
Want to improve margins and win customers?

Help your customers

Want to improve margins and win customers?

Acsellerate provides the business intelligence and solutions you and your team need to effectively manage your customer relationships. From contract and pricing management to self-service customer analysis and reporting, we deliver solutions designed to help you improve your bottom line, while helping your customers save money.

ACS Persona Easy CRM
Wish your CRM software was easier to use?

Uncomplicated CRM

Wish your CRM software was easier to use?

What good is software if it’s too complicated to use? We continually strive to ensure all of Acsellerate’s tools including CRM, reports, dashboards, and alerts are easy to use and deliver the right information at the right time. That is why Acsellerate is a leading sales-intelligence and CRM solution for small businesses.

"We recently moved back to Acsellerate from Sales-i. Acsellerate's dashboard is so much easier and the ability to get to data quickly is much more user friendly." — Hurst Business Supply & Furniture Solutions

What People Are Saying About Acsellerate

Acsellerate has become a critical tool for our dealership on several key levels. It’s a powerful resource to help us identify new sales opportunities, strengthen customer relationships, make better purchasing decisions, and improve margins.

Perry Office


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Experience Acsellerate

Easy-to-use and fully integrated with your back office system, Acsellerate offers a powerful combination of Cloud-based analytics, advanced reporting and integrated CRM applications.

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Acsellerate At Your Fingertips

In the office or working remotely, Acsellerate® CRM is the tool your team needs to increase customer retention, maximize sales from existing customers, and create an effective sales process.

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Helping you reach your sales and profit potential

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CRM 411

Think you’re ahead in the race to grow and retain your customer base?

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is vital to every small and medium-sized business. 2018 is the Year of the Customer and smart customer relationship…

The Acsellerate team is made up of people just like you.

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Since no two businesses are alike, we take the time to understand our customers and focus on developing solutions that have a direct, positive impact on their bottom line. Most companies have tremendous opportunities available within their business management systems but lack the tools to unlock that information to drive results. Acsellerate helps you access this vital information and uncover the best opportunities for profitable growth!

Acsellerate leverages technology to process and interpret your data nightly, providing instant access to vital information about your business. By proactively delivering information to your sales and management team, we help you acquire new business and retain your best customers, while uncovering opportunities for profitable growth.

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