As SVP of Global Communications & Brand, Traci is ECi’s head cheerleader. She is responsible for overseeing the ECi global brand messaging as well as managing day-to-day marketing activities for each of the ECi companies. Her passion is helping others to succeed.  

Traci joined DDMS, the then parent company of the office products software, in January of 1989. For the next 10 years, she held various leadership positions, including Senior Trainer, Training Manager and Customer Service Manager.  ECi acquired DDMS in 2000.  From that time until 2006, Traci was Vice President of DDMS, responsible for Quality Assurance, Project Management, and Training.  ECi acquired Britannia, a key competitor of DDMS, in 2006 and Traci became President of Britannia, responsible for the successful integration of the company into the ECi family.  In 2009, she decided to move to the corporate side of the business and took on her current role of SVP, Global Communications & Brand.

Traci has a Bachelor of Business degree in Business Management with a double minor in Speech Communications and Psychology from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She and her husband, Rick, have a daughter, Katelyn, a middle school theater teacher, son, Garrett, a college freshman, and two dogs, Romo and Kolby. Traci loves to exercise, cook and spend time with friends and family. She is happiest when on a beach and hopes to retire there one day.

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