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RockSolid POS®

POS Software for Hardware and Lumber Businesses


RockSolid POS was developed as a collaboration between a hardware store owner and a team of professional developers. RockSolid was built by hardware dealers for hardware dealers.


Installed at more than 1,500 retail locations from coast to coast, RockSolid is a proven POS solution — recommended as the best of its kind by True Value Hardware.


RockSolid puts state-of-the-art technology at your command, with features ranging from electronic signature capture to RF inventory control scanning.


With value pricing and support from one of the industry’s largest and most stable software providers, RockSolid offers a tremendous ROI.


Easy to learn and use, RockSolid POS is the perfect solution for managing your retail operation.

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Industry Partners

RockSolid POS® is a Preferred POS Vendor for True Value.

True Value Preferred  POS Vendor

ECi also works with many prominent industry partners to meet your needs.