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On-demand Webinar

Improve Performance in the Field

On-demand Webinar

Improve Performance in the Field

Get the quality and support you need from your trades

Establish a System to Improve Overall Performance in the Field

Are your trades meeting your expectations to deliver a quality job on time with little to no issues? As a builder, you know how stressful it can be to heavily rely on trade contractors to build the homes you want to deliver to your buyers. It may feel like you do not have as much control as you would like and are having to do extra work and make concessions to get the job done right. It doesn’t have to be that way.

In this webinar, Jason Sherman of Elliott Homes provides insight on how they work with their trades and shares their system for ensuring strong commitment and quality. Jason will also discuss how he uses technology to bring it all together.


Jason Sherman

Logistics Director, Elliott Homes

Jason Sherman brings a unique blend of experience to this topic having worked for builders and a distributor. He spent 11 years working in the purchasing department at Keystone Custom Homes and four years as Director of Operations at Touch of Color Flooring, where he focused on coordinating with the local distribution chains. Recently, he came back to home building as a remote employee focused on managing logistics at Elliot Homes.

Jeremy Jackson

Director of Consulting Services

Jeremy Jackson is an experienced construction professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology/Construction Management. He has an in-depth knowledge of various construction methods used throughout the country through doing everything from hands-on labor to executive level management. Jeremy has managed purchasing, construction operations, and land acquisition & development for large national and regional builders in Utah, California, Minnesota, Texas, and New Jersey.

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