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The Road Ahead: The New Home Construction Market in 2022


On-demand Webinar

The Road Ahead: The New Home Construction Market in 2022

In 2021, 32% of buyers said they were only considering new construction. Will that number rise or fall in 2022?

Last year was an extremely busy and volatile time for new home builders. It seemed like the industry was experiencing one challenge after another. Whether it was meeting the high demand for housing, supply chain issues, or the trade shortage, it has been a constantly changing environment. Given what builders have faced the past 18 months, are we ready for what this year may bring?

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How current market influences are impacting consumers
  • How builders need to react to fulfill those buyers’ needs
  • What processes and technology are needed to support buyers and still be a profitable builder

Join us as our panel of experts explores what you need to do to meet your goals for 2022.


Kristi Collier

Sales Manager, New Construction at Zillow

Kristi has her Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communications from the University of Washington. She has worked on Zillow’s New Construction team for six years. She started out as a Sales Executive working with Regional sized Builders, then shifted to partnering with National sized Builders. She used her knowledge and experience gained from all these partnerships to now lead a team of Senior Sellers who work with the Top 200 Builders across the country.

Hauck Ed

Ed Hauck

Consultant, Builder Partnerships

As senior consultant with Builder Partnerships, Ed Hauck is a regular speaker at management seminars and provides training, coaching and consulting to help builders around the country reduce direct construction cost, streamline operations, and guide the new product design towards efficiency and cost control.

Jeremy Jackson

VP of Professional Services, Residential Home Construction

Jeremy Jackson is an experienced construction professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology/Construction Management. He has an in-depth knowledge of various construction methods used throughout the country, from hands-on labor to executive level management. Jeremy has managed purchasing, construction operations, and land acquisition and development for large national and regional builders in Utah, California, Minnesota, Texas, and New Jersey.


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