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On-demand Webinar

Finding, Analyzing, and Eradicating Variance

On-demand Webinar

Finding, Analyzing, and Eradicating Variance

Implement a system and processes to build more profitably

As a production builder, variances are the most critical area to focus on in your business. If you can eliminate them—extra or damaged material, extra labor, rework, theft, estimating errors, and sales concessions—you can significantly add to your bottom line.

Variances are unplanned costs without counter-balancing revenues that occur across the full range of builder operations—financial, scheduling, construction, sales, closing, customer service, and quality management. They are exceptions to goals, objectives, plans, procedures, standards of performance, and budgets and cause home builders to lose profits.

Join us for this webinar where Jeremy Jackson, Director of Consulting Services, reviews the different types of variances and then discusses how to leverage your system to generate reports that can be used to identify, analyze, and eradicate variances.


Jeremy Jackson

Director of Consulting Services

Jeremy Jackson is an experienced construction professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology/Construction Management. He has an in-depth knowledge of various construction methods used throughout the country, from hands-on labor to executive level management. Jeremy has managed purchasing, construction operations, and land acquisition and development for large national and regional builders in Utah, California, Minnesota, Texas, and New Jersey.

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