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On-demand Webinar

Improve Accuracy and Profitability using Dynamic Estimating

On-demand Webinar

Improve Accuracy and Profitability using Dynamic Estimating

Improve Accuracy and Profitability using Dynamic Estimating

Learn how dynamic estimating can increase accuracy and cut costs

Dynamic estimating allows you, as a builder, to generate faster estimates and be more accurate with your purchasing requirements for each job.  Any savings realized per home can be added directly to your bottom line.  In this webinar, learn how to leverage dynamic estimating logic to save hours of data entry and error checking with automated budget creation.

 Join us as Scott Lang of Simpson Strong-Tie Builder Solutions and Jaye Frye from Ivey Residential demonstrate the value of using a system to create dynamic material lists and house budgets.  Gone are the days using inefficient and complex processes to manually create and manage detailed material lists to handle every potential combination of Plan/Elevation/Option. 


Scott Lang

Simpson Strong-Tie

Scott Lang , CG Visions - A Simpson Strong-Tie Company consults with homebuilders and lumber and building material dealers to help them understand how dynamic estimating, combined with industry standard systems, can help them realize significant gains in efficiency. To help explain software solutions to potential clients, Scott relies on his degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue, as well as 8 years writing software, 10 years of experience in the homebuilding industry and several years of experience selling software to companies of various sizes.

Jay Frye

Ivey Residential

Jay Frye has worked as the Purchasing Manager at Ivey Residential for over 14 years. Ivey Residential is a locally owned new home builder in Georgia and South Carolina, closing over 150 homes per year. They offer a variety of homes, ranging from townhomes to large customs. Jay has incorporated and uses Dynamic Estimating in his practices daily. In this webinar, Jay will draw from his experience to provide insights into how CG Visions has impacted his overall processes and how builders can take advantage of this technology to improve each build and increase accuracy in purchasing.


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