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On-demand Webinar

Become the Builder of Choice

On-demand Webinar

Become the Builder of Choice

Strong Teams Win! Become a Builder of Choice

Improve Trade Relations and Become the Builder of Choice

In today's housing industry, we continue to face a qualified workforce shortage. Trade contractors can be tied up for weeks on end making it challenging to get the labor you need, when you need it. Enhance your relationships and communications with your trades to become the Builder of Choice and compete successfully in tight labor markets.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Successfully building your A-team,
  • Understanding team destroyers,
  • Determining what trade contractors want, and how to keep them committed to your jobs
  • How to set up a system to continually improve trade partner relations.

Ed Hauck

Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant with Builder Partnerships | Shinn Consulting, Ed Hauck is a regular speaker at management seminars and provides training, coaching, and consulting to help builders around the country reduce direct construction cost, streamline operations, and guide the new product design towards efficiency and cost control. Ed spent 22 years with Rouse Chamberlin Homes in the Philadelphia area. Thanks' to Ed's leadership, Rouse enjoyed industry-leading, low direct construction costs.

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