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Spruce has helped LBM operations improve productivity, control costs, increase profitability, and remain competitive for more than 30 years. If you are still using manual processes, multiple systems and generic software to run your business, you are missing out on productivity and profits

6 reasons why Spruce is right for you

  1. Cloud-based ERP software designed specifically for the needs of the lumber and building materials industry 
  2. Simple Microsoft® Windows® based design which makes it easy to learn and use 
  3. Easy access to real-time information from anywhere in the store or out in the field
  4. Integrated general ledger means no need to manually switch between accounting and business systems
  5. Superior document management automatically links all transactions with documents 
  6. The ability to drill down into transactions to see order detail, customers, jobs, or vendors

 “With Spruce, I can click on any invoice and see the entire paper and activity trail before and after—the purchase orders and vendor invoices for the products on that invoice, who did the quote, who received the inventory and so on—it’s all easily accessible any time I want to see it.”

- Chris Knegt, Mitchell's Supply

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