Eliminate paper and whiteboards with Bolt

Position your team for success by giving them the tools they need to manage all your jobs for different builders. Bolt’s project management features simplify and centralize important activities.

Project Management

Manage documentation

Store job documents, plans, work orders, photos, material pull sheets, and more, all in one spot.

Eliminate paper

Online job folders allow ease of access by keeping all the job details in one spot. No more searching for a paperwork order or plan only to realize it's back at the office.

Organize job contracts

Make sure you're getting paid for the work you do. Keep billing and purchase orders organized with Bolt. All job contracts are stored in one place, that way you know exactly what you're getting paid to do.

Material pull sheets

Assembly and parts are organized into specific pull sheets. Once a job is awarded and in production, you can easily view schedules and pull-sheet quantities for upcoming work schedules.

Ensure accurate reporting

Understanding whether your job is profitable is critical to making money. In Bolt, profit and loss reports are just a click away and are calculated using invoiced totals and accurate material and labor costs.

Quick search

Find the answers you need within seconds from either our app or a web browser. Take back your time by never again frantically searching your folders for the job information you need.

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