Manage a large volume of bids

Bolt software helps you manage large volumes of bids, update costs, and send accurate materials to the job site, all from your mobile device.


Use pre-built templates

You will have continuous access to pre-built estimate templates to produce a high volume of bids. Also, templates make it easy to adjust quantities or remove the parts/assemblies for the creation of future bids.

Material pull sheets

Once a job is awarded and in production, easily look at your schedule and see accurate pull-sheet quantities for the work on your upcoming schedule.

Labor pay estimates

Estimate your jobs based on the projected labor hours it may take to complete.

Simplify bid revisions

Revise estimates and options with speed and accuracy. Bolt will track previous revisions, show you an audit history of what changed, as well as let you control when these revisions will apply to jobs that are in production.

Track progress

Quickly see the status of each estimate. Those estimates pending, reviewed, submitted, awarded, or lost can be filtered for reporting and follow-up.

Options and extras

Create and organize structural options and design center extras.

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