ECI Software Solutions will hold its first virtual roadshow at 10am on Tuesday 20th October, aiming to explore the opportunities ahead for MPS businesses, office product suppliers and merchant businesses, and how they can better prepare and support their business for the many challenges brought about by Covid-19.

Following the success of last year’s event at the iconic Twickenham rugby stadium, this year’s roadshow will be a fully digital experience, with live seminars, roundtable discussions and an interactive live chat feature - ensuring attendees really can make the most of the day.

The day will include talks from ECI’s distribution division president, Brian Bowerfind and Ben Jarvis product manager at ECI, as well as featuring training sessions for existing ECI Horizon and ECI EasyOrder customers.

ECI’s field service president, Laryssa Alexander and Phil Reynolds, go to market manager at Zebra technologies, will be discussing key industry topics such as the opportunities for thermal printers in MPS, the rise of mobile applications in the field and how ECI products are adapting to meet the changing needs of customers.

Our spruce divisional president, John Maiuri and Chris Fisher UK operations director LBMH, will also be discussing the rise of e-commerce, click & collect and how to improve inventory management in a digital age.

Brian Bowerfind commented:

“We know how challenging this year has been for businesses and we wanted to ensure the 2020 virtual roadshow could offer insight and practical advice on how to prepare for the year ahead.

“We’re confident the event will provide useful insight into how businesses can better adapt to new market conditions, with a live chat feature in place to answer any questions that might arise throughout the sessions.”

ECI is also offering free UberEats vouchers to cover the cost of breakfast or lunch, as well as the chance for all attendees to be entered into a prize draw.

To find out more about the event or register, visit our website