ECI Releases POS Assured™ Offline Solution for Spruce® and RockSolid MAX™ Business Systems

Offline solution allows processing of sales transactions when internet connectivity is unavailable

Fort Worth, TX—Wednesday, April 4, 2018 ECI Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced the release of POS Assured, a new offline option for Spruce and RockSolid MAX software that allows businesses to process emergency front counter sale transactions when access to their cloud-based system is unavailable. In the event of store internet connectivity problems, power outages, or other temporary connection issues, POS Assured offers a quick transition to offline mode and queues sales data; once connectivity is restored, queued data synchronizes with the business system resulting in complete transaction records with no duplicates. This solution further reinforces ECI’s commitment to providing best-in-class functionality to its cloud-based customers who use the Spruce and RockSolid MAX business systems.

“POS Assured provides a seamless solution for hardware stores and lumberyards to process front counter sales in emergency situations,” said John Maiuri, President of ECI’s LBMH Group, Building & Construction Division. “In the past, organizations would have to do this manually, causing additional work and potential for error when the system was back online. The benefit of POS Assured is that users can continue conducting business and have up-to-date data, even during a power outage.”

“We were one of the beta testing locations for POS Assured, and we were pleased with how the product performed,” said Fred Hickman, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Ed Herrington, Inc. “All LBM businesses that leverage cloud software should have a contingency plan to serve customers in the event of a power outage or connectivity issue. POS Assured makes that process as seamless as possible, which is a huge benefit.”

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