ECI Releases New Data Analytics Dashboards for RockSolid MAX, DDMSPLUS and Red Falcon to help SMBs Improve Data-Backed Decision Making

Analytics powered by Cognytics now available in products across all ECI divisions

ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced that it has launched RockSolid MAX®, DDMSPLUS® and Red Falcon dashboard solutions powered by Cognytics® – ECI’s proprietary Business Information (BI) technology platform that connects and compiles infinite data sets to display analytics and dashboards within ECI’s ERP business applications. RockSolid MAX, DDMSPLUS and Red Falcon join ECI’s eight ERP solutions that offer dashboards and analytics powered by Cognytics – making it available in all the company’s divisions.

As business operations have continued to heavily rely on the results of critical issues outside the organization – like supply chain constraints or trade fluctuations – data has proven to be the key to monitoring the impact and driving business decisions. However, uncovering the critical trends within that data is time-consuming and often requires in-depth analysis. With embedded dashboards and analytics, businesses can get visual, actionable insights from the data in their ERP systems to quickly identify trends and find opportunities to grow.

The launch of RockSolid MAX’s Daily Dashboard and DDMSPLUS and Red Falcon’s Executive and Sales Dashboards marks a milestone for ECI as it supports the company’s commitment to helping businesses use their data to uncover the best opportunities to grow and improve profitability. By making industry-specific dashboards available to customers within the applications they use the most, ECI makes it easier for customers to stay informed of key metrics and quickly identify the best opportunities to improve the bottom line.

“The Red Falcon Dashboard is a very valuable tool to our company,” said Michael Whitfield, Vice President of Sales at Reach Technologies. “It’s a great resource to quickly pinpoint the areas we have improved on and the areas that need to be improved. It allows us to drill down into details so we can individually work with our sales team and set goals for their future.”

“When we first announced Cognytics in 2019, we set out to make our users data-driven masters of their respective industries, bringing the kinds of business intelligence capabilities reserved for large organizations to SMBs,” said Steve Sabatini, VP of Strategic Data Services at ECI. “With the addition of industry-specific dashboards, like RockSolid MAX’s Daily Dashboard, we’ve hit a major milestone in our initial mission during a time when the ability to make actionable, data-backed decisions is more important than ever.”

About ECI

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