ECI Integrates CartIQ with Red Falcon ERP and E-commerce Software

New integration tool gives Red Falcon users automated, targeted email capabilities for their e-commerce sites

Fort Worth, Tex. —Thursday, April 11, 2019 ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced the integration of CartIQ®, a targeted email tool, with Red Falcon®, ECI’s ERP and e-commerce software that helps build the brand and businesses of growing office products dealers. CartIQ’s automated capabilities enable dealers to email customers who have abandoned shopping carts to remind them to finish the order, while including various offers to persuade them to continue shopping. This tool allows Red Falcon users to nearly double their chances of making a sale on their e-commerce site.

In addition to triggering automated emails, CartIQ provides users with preset templates that make it easy to customize emails with personal messages and branding. The tool gives small office supply dealers competitive advantage over big box stores who have dedicated teams and resources to address these issues. Overall, CartIQ helps retailers provide more shopping value, which translates into increased sales and customer retention.

CartIQ offers several campaign options that Red Falcon users can implement to help make sure they always send the right email message at the right time. These include:

  • Abandoned Cart Campaign – Alerts the customer when they have put items in their cart but not made a purchase
  • No Login/Re-engagement Campaign – Reminds the customer that they haven’t shopped in a while and gives users the chance to offer incentives to encourage shoppers to come back
  • Abandoned Site/Window Shopper Campaign – Sends emails based on what the shopper looked at when they browsed the website
  • “Also Bought” Campaign – Suggests additional products to customers that they might be interested in purchasing based on their shopping history

“One out of four shoppers have abandoned carts while shopping online,” shared Brian Bowerfind, Distribution Division President for ECI. “On average, we have seen that users of CartIQ reclaim 40-50 percent of their abandoned carts. This has helped increase the profitability of our customers’ e-commerce businesses tenfold, allowing them to better compete.”

"In our beta testing of CartIQ for Red Falcon dealers, we saw continued success with an average email open rate of 33 percent and an average transaction rate of 31 percent,” shared Sarah Cumba, Digital Services and Analytics Manager at ECI. “Beyond the impressive numbers, the beta dealers all recognized an immeasurable amount of time saved, as the automated CartIQ process identified and followed up with customers without the dealer needing to lift a finger. We’re thrilled to offer this added feature to the Red Falcon dealer community."

ECI’s Red Falcon is a business systems software product for office products dealers with a fully integrated e-commerce platform. Red Falcon handles the basics of running an office products business like inventory, branding, accounting and more, but also includes a POS system for operations that include a brick-and-mortar store or warehouse, purchasing function and pricing levels. More than 600 dealers across the United States utilize Red Falcon to manage their office products and e-commerce businesses.

The CartIQ integration is now available to both Red Falcon and DDMSPLUS® users. For more information about ECI and its distribution software offerings, please visit

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