ECI Announces New Release of LotVue® Sitemap Software for Residential Homebuilders

Upgrade provides deeper insight into individual lot and community map traffic, locale information and financial stats

Fort Worth, TX—Thursday, May 10, 2018 ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced upgrades to the LotVue® interactive sitemap software for residential builders and developers. LotVue is part of the MarkSystems® suite of residential home building solutions.

The new functionality includes a Lot Click Analytics dashboard that provides aggregated, community-level click data displayed on a heat map. This centralized view of lot traffic and click data provides greater visibility into which lots are most popular or getting greater attention in each community, as well as those that are not receiving much attention. The user can also drill down to discover from which cities or regions they are receiving the highest amount of traffic.

“The power of LotVue is in the quick, visual delivery of complex information,” said Rajan Krishnamurty, the Business Unit Leader for LotVue. “The new Lot Click Analytics give users the insight they need to determine where their clicks and buyers are coming from, making business decisions more accurate and timely. For example, a builder might adjust lot prices according to their popularity or to drive more interest in a particular lot.”

The upgrades for LotVue also include a Google Maps™ mapping service overlay for the interactive sitemap displayed on the builder or developer’s website. This allows buyers to gain a better perspective of how a community or individual scattered-site lots are situated among local destinations like restaurants, schools and major roadways. Enhanced drill-down capabilities also allow users to get next-level data insight into budget breakdowns, current revenue and estimated costs with a single click.

“Typically, when you go to a builder’s website, all you see are the available homes and a PDF map of the lots in the filing or community,” said Mike Hess, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vantage Homes. “LotVue has not only given us a competitive edge in terms of what we can present to the market, but it’s also making the sales process more efficient and providing more transparency for our buyers.”

About ECI

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