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Instructor-led Online Training Courses

Our online training classes are led by instructors and designed for an optimum learning experience through interactive classrooms. Each session covers a specific M1® software module and best practices.

Attendees will learn in a hands-on environment using actual data sets with predefined scenarios. Class attendees will complete a learning assessment to ensure competence on the subject matter covered.

Waiting list: Virtual training classes are limited to 12 participants per session for a robust interactive learning environment. For high-demand training sessions, overflow registrants are placed on a waiting list while we schedule additional sessions for a future date.

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Enhance your skills

Online training enables you to enhance your skills without leaving the office! We deliver these classrooms over the internet, where attendees can engage and ask questions. Below are examples of our upcoming training topics and what you will learn from each session. We provide training for beginners through to advanced users.

Basic Customization

M1 is ERP software designed to cater to the needs growing manufacturers. M1 helps you manage every aspect of your business—from start to finish. A key differentiator is M1’s customization capabilities to suit the needs of each unique manufacturing business. In the session you will learn:

  • Basic layout and how to use Design Studio
  • M1 user setup to Design Studio
  • Changing existing property controls
  • Adding customer fields to existing tables, customer controls to forms, andsimplecode to forms

Skill level: working knowledge

Advanced Bill of Materials (BOM)

An enhanced module, Advanced BOM provides you with extended functions and tools to manage your production in M1, including:

  • Revisions control
  • Part find and replace
  • Process find and replace
  • Standard cost roll up
  • Serial numbers
  • Lot numbers

Skill level: working knowledge

Purchasing Planner

M1 Purchasing Planner is designed for ordering parts quickly to fulfill inventory and job requirements. It’s also designed to provide purchase recommendations based on MRP II principles and is aligned closely to the demand-supply model for min-max requirements in the Planned Materials Requirements report. In this topic we will:

  • Learn how to use min/max replenishment
  • Investigate concepts of dynamic replenishment
  • Learn how to perform a Purchasing Planner session

Skill level: Working knowledge

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