ERP Software for Hardware
Stores and Home Centers

Spruce business management software
helps simplify processes and grow sales.

Fully integrated software built for hardware stores and home centers.

Spruce business management software will transform even the largest multi-location hardware store operation. The software is completely integrated, from purchasing through delivery and accounting, to help you streamline processes and reduce costly errors. With advanced features like installed sales and tool rentals, you can provide a full-service experience that keeps customers coming back. Plus, it's cloud-based, so you can manage your business from anywhere!

How can industry-specific software
benefit your hardware store or home center?

Watch this short video to learn the reasons why Spruce has been the trusted by hardware stores for more than 30 years.

Software for hardware stores and home centers

Streamline your hardware store, reduce errors, and grow

Difficult to analyze sales and measure profitability?

Easily run reports and review business metrics through interactive dashboards.

Locating paperwork frustrating?

Answer customer or installer questions immediately, improving communication and overall satisfaction.

Struggling to effectively manage inventory?

Analyze sales and stock the right products. Leverage consolidated purchasing to maximize discounts across multiple locations.

Manually tracking deliveries?

Capture proof of delivery and send notifications that keep everyone informed on delivery status.

Are special orders cumbersome?

Eliminate manual processes by creating and tracking special orders right in the software.

Paper, printing, and postage costs adding up?

Reduce expense by emailing invoices, statements, POs, and other documents from your software.

Ready to transform your hardware store or home center?


Fully integrated ERP for hardware stores and home centers

Easy-to-use industry-specific software for hardware stores

Document Management lets you attach handwritten notes, emails, faxed RFQs, photos, and more.

Stop drowning in paper!

All transactions link automatically in Spruce, and you can attach handwritten or faxed records, so you have access to everything you need electronically. Quickly access your customers’ quotes, orders, POs, receiving documents, invoices, and vendor payments in one centralized, easy-to-use system.

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LBM Simplify Purchasing Inventory Management

Simplify purchasing and inventory management.

Spruce gives you the tools to stock the right levels of inventory all year long. Whether you’re setting up purchase orders, receiving inventory, setting branch minimum and maximum quantities on hand, building suggested orders, buying for multiple branches, or digging into historical purchasing performance, you have everything you need.

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Spruce DIB accounting lp image

Improve cash flow. Increase productivity. Reduce expense.

With Spruce, you can process and email month-end statements or invoices, saving you time and reducing expenses. Streamline payables by processing invoices faster and more accurately. Plus, the integrated General Ledger has straightforward procedures and customized financial reporting built-in.

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Capture proof of delivery and send status updates.

Spruce will reduce cost and save time in your delivery process. Drivers can obtain signatures for proof of delivery and take pictures of the materials drop that automatically ties to the sale. Spruce will prevent lost/forgotten orders and provide drivers the information they need to work quickly and effectively. Plus, the delivery status is available to everyone within the system—no need to pick up the phone!

Easily manage special orders

Easily manage special orders.

Hardware stores often need to source special items for your customers. With Spruce, you can create POs for special orders as part of the point-of-sale transaction or by copying the customer’s order items into a PO. If the cost changes along the line, everything is updated. Plus, everything is linked with digital document management—from the PO, to the receipt, to the AP invoice, all the way through billing the customer.

Data protection and cost savings.

Spruce is cloud-based, which means there are no upfront fees and no expensive servers to buy and maintain. Your data is also backed up automatically and hosted offsite for quick retrieval in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or theft. Data is encrypted and backed by firewalls for maximum security, so only you can access it. You’ll rest easy knowing your business is always protected.

LBM Operate From Anywhere

Operate from anywhere!

Spruce helps you manage your business on the go! Because it’s cloud-based, you can access your business information 24/7/365 from anywhere! If you are in the yard, at a customer location, at home, or on vacation, you can access your system, look at sales history, respond to inquiries, and handle an order on the spot.

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