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Benefits of Cloud-based Software

No costly servers. No time-consuming backups. No worries.

Securely access business data from anywhere

ECI offers cloud-based business management software, which means there are no upfront fees and no expensive servers to buy and maintain. Your data is also backed up automatically and hosted offsite for quick retrieval in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or theft. Plus, your business information is available 24/7/365, from anywhere!

Benefits of cloud-based software

Better protect your data while reducing overall IT expenses

Automatic backups

Your data is always backed up and hosted offsite for quick retrieval in case of disaster.

Superior data protection

Strong firewalls, vulnerability testing, and layers of redundancy keep your business protected.

Reduced IT expense

Moving to the cloud means no expensive servers to buy, with lower maintenance and operational costs.

Seamless scalability

As your business grows, your software scales to support additional users, locations, products, and services.

Disaster recovery plans

The cloud offers an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to protect your business from the unexpected.

Automatic version updates

Rest easy knowing that you are always on the latest version of your ECI software.

The ECI Cloud difference

Discover why businesses around the world trust ECI’s cloud-based solutions

Cloud FAQs

Where does my data live?

Data is hosted offsite, always backed up, and protected from natural disaster, fire, or theft.

How do I access my data?

Cloud-based software gives you 24/7/356 access to your data from any internet connection.

Is my business data safe?

Data is encrypted and protected by strong firewalls for maximum security, so only you can access it.

What is the cloud?

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Why move to the cloud? HomCo's CFO explains

What our customers are saying

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Since it’s a cloud-based system, you don’t have a lot of initial set-up costs. And my monthly maintenance charges are at least $100 less than what I was paying before we switched.


Our management team is no longer handcuffed to our desks. Now that we’re cloud-based, we can do our work anytime, from anywhere. I have the ability to go home, eat dinner with my family, and then if I need to do something, I can tap in at home.


Our inventory is becoming better because of RockSolid MAX. Our tracking and receiving are better because we can access the system from anywhere through the cloud, I’m spending less time at the store.


Before we moved to the cloud, I would always have to go in early or stay late to do software updates and other maintenance. But now that’s a thing of the past.


Moving to the cloud has not only freed up valuable time to focus on more productive areas, but also given us a greater comfort level with backups and data security. And being able to access the system from anywhere where there’s a web browser is also a big plus.


I knew from the day we started looking for software that we wanted a cloud-based system. I really liked the idea that they would be taking care of our data and we would not have to manage a server and deal with software updates and daily back-ups.


Not only do we have more time to spend on what’s really important for the business, but now we can be confident that we’re protected against ransomware attacks, spyware, viruses, and all the other online threats out there.


Before Spruce, the Epicor program was hosted on a server and we had to do all of our own backups and upgrades. When we switched to Spruce, we no longer had to take care of maintenance, backups, and security. That freed up valuable time to spend in more productive areas.


Real Savings of Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based software can save you time, money, and worry when it comes to accessibility and security

On Premise

On-premise infrastructure costs

  • Upgrading on-premise software often requires buying a new server
  • New server installation and testing is a time-consuming and costly
  • Licensing fees can increase or change to more costly pricing models
  • Requires ongoing maintenance, additional IT staff support, and security expense

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Data On Screen

Data loss consequences and costs

  • Data loss can be caused by a security breach or server failure
  • When a server fails, you can't run your business or help customers.
  • Downtime can result in unhappy customers and lost sales.
  • 94% of companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss do not survive

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