Ongoing Training

While e-automate offers free monthly webinars and training opportunities for customers through the Customer Support Center, a variety of exclusive LIVE training packages to suit every dealerships' needs are available through a subscription to the Training Resource Center (TRC).

April Live Training Webinar Topics

(For details, contact your account manager)
  • Configuring & Using Branching
  • Remote Service Manager
  • RemoteTech Administrators
  • e-views
  • Moving Balances Forward
  • e-automate Feature Administration
  • Accounts Payable - Using Credit Cards (NEW)
  • RemoteTech Technicians
  • Contract Creation & Billing - Deposit Based
  • Sales Tax Utility
  • Equipment History Tracking
  • What's NEW in 17.2 - OVERVIEW (Open to ALL)
  • Contract Creation & Billing - Equipment Level Base, Contract Level Base, CPC

e-automate Training Resource Center

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