A New Look for ECI

Celebrating 20 years of innovation and growth, ECI is proud to showcase a new, unified look.

ECI 20 year anniversary

ECI was founded in 1999 as OnlineOfficeSupplies.com, an ecommerce platform that would level the playing field and revolutionize the way small and medium-size office products dealers did business.

Broadening the industry focus, the company became eCommerce Industries. But that name was short-lived as growth through acquisitions, new integrations and advanced feature development promised more than simply ecommerce opportunities and so ECI2 came into being.

ECI2 with its complete business management solution eventually became ECI Software Solutions and expanded the company’s focus to take on additional business verticals including lumber, building materials and hardlines, residential home construction, office equipment and device management, and manufacturing.

Today, we're stepping outside the red box to introduce, simply, ECI. Our new, modern look reflects our ongoing commitment to provide innovative business management software solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

"We thought it was important to rebrand ECI because we wanted a brand that would reflect who we are today and not who we were 20 years ago." - Ron Books, CEO

With more than 30 products and services and 20 locations around the world, the new look aligns our core corporate structure with each product's team of experts to showcase a family dedicated to understanding our customers' needs and positively impacting their future business growth.

Over the next several months, you'll see our new look develop as we incorporate it into our products and services, on our websites, tradeshow booths, and in our support material.

We’d like to thank our customers for coming along with us on this 20-year journey. It is our pleasure and privilege to serve you and make your business better than it was the day before. We’d also like to thank our employees, past and present, who have helped make ECI the modern company it is today.

Read Ron's blog post and gain insight into ECI, our CODE and celebrating 20 years as a company.