Increasing Home Buyer Website Engagement with Interactive…


Increasing Home Buyer Website Engagement with Interactive Site Maps

As marketers we’re always looking for ways to convert visitors into leads on our website. We can sometimes get distracted by the little things and focus on whether the call-to-action button is the right color or in the right spot.

But before we focus on buttons and colors...visitors want information. And LOTS of it.

Since a home is the largest purchase most people will ever make in their lives, it’s no surprise to read that the home buying journey can take between 11 and 27 months. (And this doesn’t even take into account the years they’ve spent building out Pinterest boards or posting their “dream” home needs on Instagram.)

Knowing that buyers are “always looking”, as a home builder you need to take the steps to make sure you’re engaging them on your website. Potential buyers have a lot of choice so you need to find a way to increase their time looking at your communities.

By using interactive site maps on your website, you’re giving buyers key pieces of information about the house--plan/price/availability--clicking their way through your community, mixing and matching their desired plans on specific lots in order to find their dream home. Once they find the perfect match, being able to see a gallery of pictures and videos of the property (hopefully those that match their Pinterest Boards) will help reinforce the possibility that their dream can be a reality.

But pictures are only part of the story. Home buyers want to know how the location fits with the rest of their lives. When your interactive site map works with Google Maps it helps personalize the experience and keep visitors on your website. Visitors can now also see how far they will be from their kid’s school, how long their commute will be or how long from their mother-in-law’s house. In a few clicks they can map out their lives.

Of course, now that you’ve captured their interest--be sure to capture their name! Your interactive site map should have a form available so visitors can inquire at the time when they are most engaged. This should increase conversions on your website.

Interactive site maps are a great addition to a website since they give the detailed information that the buyer wants, but in an easily digestible way that won’t overwhelm them.

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About the Author

Jon Baker helps homebuilders streamline their sales and marketing processes. He has held sales and marketing positions for national builders, including Pulte Homes and Lennar Homes. Today Jon is a regional sales executive for Lasso CRM, establishing new business and maintaining client relationships throughout Canada and the western U.S.