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4 Factors to Attracting Qualified Employees

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Attracting and hiring qualified employees can be difficult, especially with an expanding remote-work world. Below are a few easy things your business can do to increase your chances of getting noticed and filling those empty spots.

4 Factors to Attracting Qualified Employees

Factor #1: Check your job posting

The job posting is the first thing applicants see, and often the last thing companies look at when searching for a new employee. Make sure your posting is accurate for the job you’re trying to fill. Verify that the job description has been updated since the last time you hired for the position. Having the correct job duties listed on the job posting ensures that you’ll get qualified employees for the job.

Once you have the right duties listed on the job posting, you will also want to look at its qualifications. Does it have all the necessary qualifications or certifications you need? Does it have too many? For example, if you put that job candidates need a certification, but you’re willing to help them earn one on the job, you’re potentially losing out on great candidates. Remember, this is what job candidates read to decide whether they want to apply to your company. Make sure it’s accurate and interesting.

Factor #2: Check your culture

One of the best ways to attract high-achieving future employees is by having great current employees refer their friends. However, if your business isn't the greatest place to work, no one will recommend that someone should work there. Checking on employee morale starts with the basics and is even more important for remote teams. Are people generally happy to come to work, or are they relieved to leave at the end of their day? Make sure you know what it’s really like.

If people like coming to work and you have a good culture, that’s a great start. If you want to stand out to qualified applicants, then there’s more you can do. Does your company have events like holiday parties or picnics? Even smaller events like happy hours can be a great time for bonding and improving morale. If your company has these events, that’s great for your employees, but you also want to share this information with others.

Factor #3: Check your outreach

Having a great company culture is wonderful, but it only helps potential candidates choose you if they know about it. If you have a website, make sure your “About Us” page is helpful not only to prospective customers but also to potential employees. If you have social media pages, post pictures from your company’s events periodically. It adds a personal touch for your customers and helps show potential employees what it’s like to work there.

Even if you don’t have a website, there are other ways to share your company with the world. Check out company-rating sites like Glassdoor. If your business isn’t on there already, consider making a page and asking employees to honestly and anonymously fill out a review. The internet has made it easier than ever to share your company with the world. Make sure your business takes advantage of the opportunities out there.

Factor #4: Check your hiring process

Before you post your job opening anywhere, you’ll want to decide how to conduct your hiring process. Will you start with a phone interview? Will you bring them in for an in-person or zoom interview first? Depending on the position, you may want a certain number of steps before hiring someone. You will also need to decide who will be involved in each step. Do you only want the manager of the position in the interview or others as well?

A smooth interview process is a sign of an organized company and will make job applicants think highly of your company. For a smooth process, you’ll need to plan it out before you interview anyone. Once you know who you want to be involved, you will also need to make sure they are willing to commit to being there.

Finding qualified employees has become more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Once you find an employee you like and who likes you, it’s all worth it. Just remember that being ready to attract job applicants is an ongoing process.

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