Bolt vs SupplyPro GM: Which One Is Right for You?


Bolt vs SupplyPro GM: Which One Is Right for You?

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New residential construction comes with plenty of challenges, but paperwork doesn’t have to be one of them. Using software instead of paper and whiteboards to manage your business doesn’t mean you have to change the way you work.

As you have probably discovered, trying to sift through all the project management and scheduling contractor software available can seem confusing and complicated. When looking for a solution, you want something simple, fast, and mobile. Once you find software that meets those needs, you need to look at specific features between them.

Which software is right for you?

Below are five reasons why Bolt software makes it easier for you to manage jobs and run your business more efficiently compared to other contractor project management software on the market:

Built for the trades, by the trades

Software needs to be simple and work the way you do. Bolt was built for the trades by a trade contracting company, so we know what features are important to you. We make improvements to the software with you in mind because we understand your business.

Made for trades who work for new-home builders

Other subcontractor software on the market is more suitable for trades working with homeowners and servicing equipment after installation. We designed Bolt for trades who work with new home builders.

Confirm if a job site is ready

Dry-runs and wasted trips can cost you lots of money. Bolt’s ”job-ready” confirmations prevent unnecessary trips to job sites.

Integration with other software

In addition to QuickBooks® accounting software, Bolt integrates with Sage 300 and ADP Workforce Now, making it easier to connect to other software you use to run your business.

Make better decisions with Bolt Insights

Bolt provides you with real-time information and makes it easier to view per job profit and loss, employee productivity, identify wasted trips, and problem builders.

Bolt vs SupplyPro GM | Comparison Chart

Download the Comparison Chart

Compare Bolt to other subcontractor software in the market. Use this guide to simplify the process and pick the software best suited for your needs or contact us to learn more.

“BOLT provides the tools you never thought you needed by converting an old-school approach to a new-school ability. Most colleagues tell me the same thing, ’If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ The problem with their old-school approach is they don’t know that it’s ’broke‘ until you give them the tools to manage their organization successfully.”

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About the Author

Sam Knight is the Product and Development Manager for Bolt, an easy-to-use solution that helps residential new construction trades schedule their jobs, communicate as a company, and execute effectively regardless of their size or specialty.

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