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2017 Everyday Hero Winner | Bert Light | Artlite Office Supply

Meet the Top 3 Hero Finalists

Bert Light

Company: Artlite Office Supply

Program: Angel Flight, medical transportation

Nominator: Diane Light

Bert Light uses his personal airplane for missions for Angel Flight, an organization located in Georgia that flies people in need of medical attention to treatment centers in distant cities. Their goal states, “We believe illness isn’t stopped by boundaries and cures shouldn’t be either—whether the boundary is geographic or monetary.” Bert flies two missions per month and is on call to take on further missions.


Missy Johnson

Company: Contract Furniture Alliance

Program: Kingdom Design Ministries, room makeover service for children experiencing disability

Nominator: Val Keehn

Missy started Kingdom Design Ministries to provide room makeovers for kids experiencing a disability. The rooms are created with the use of medical equipment, computer technology, sensory integration, and color theory and provided free of charge to the family. The mission is to assure each child of their value in God’s eyes and that there is a purpose for their life.


Melissa Ball

Company: Ball Office Products

Program: The Doorways, medical hospitality house

Nominator: Steve Camp

Melissa chairs the Board of Directors for The Doorways, a provider of temporary lodging and non-medical services to patients of Richmond, Virginia-area hospitals and their families. She leads meetings for the facility at her business location, conducts tours of The Doorways, and works in the community to raise awareness and funds to help the organization, in particular a dinner event called SAVOR.


The Top 10 Finalists, in no particular order:

  • Melissa Ball
    Ball Office Products

  • Holly Bane
    Ricke's Home Center, LLC

  • Lola VanDeWalle
    Dick-N-Sons Lumber Company

  • Philip Dugan

  • Josh Goldschmidt
    Eagle Construction of VA, LLC

  • Missy Johnson
    Contract Furniture Alliance

  • Bert Light
    Artlite Office Supply Co.

  • Pat McKee & Julie Russo
    McKee Homes

  • Bill Petrus
    Tyner Petrus Co., Inc.

  • Andrea Reynolds
    Reynolds Brothers

ECi everyday hero award details icon
The details

  • 2017 Everyday Hero
    $5,000 to the charity of their choice

  • First Finalist
    $3,000 to the charity of their choice

  • Second Finalist
    $1,000 to the charity of their choice

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