On-demand Webinar

How Bolt Improves Builder-Trade Relations

On-demand Webinar

How Bolt Improves Builder-Trade Relations

Relationships can make or break a construction project

Trade partners are often juggling multiple builder portals which can impact productivity and efficiency on the job. That's where Bolt comes in. Contractors can get critical job information and manage their entire business from a single system so they spend less time on manual data entry and more time building.

Join ECI's Bob Cain to learn how Bolt improves communication and helps you maintain quality builder-trade relationships. In today's tight labor markets, working effectively helps everyone involved in the construction process build homes faster and increase profitability.

In this session, we'll look at:

  • Using the right tools to improve communication
  • Competing successfully in tight labor markets
  • How Bolt can help both builders and trades increase efficiency

Bob Cain

Business Unit Leader, BuildTools and Bolt

Serving as Business Unit Leader for BuildTools and Bolt, Bob Cain is responsible for customer experience and support, business expansion, team growth, software development and daily operations. Bob brings over 22 years of experience in residential construction to these business units. Prior to taking this position, he previously held senior level leadership positions for MarkSystems, ECI’s flagship ERP for residential home builders.

Kevin Lee

Chief Executive Officer, L & M Electric

Kevin Lee is the Chief Executive Officer at L & M Electric. The family-owned and operated business specializes in residential electrical work including new construction wiring, remodels, renovations, and at-home service and repairs. Spanning the Southeast, L & M Electric, Inc. serves communities across Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee with over 100 employees. L & M Electric has been recognized as a top rate elite service provider on HomeAdvisor for their quality electrical work.


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