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MAX Planning Workshop Course Overview

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One of the fundamentals to making your internal supply chain work is applying the proper planning that will cover the cumulative manufacturing lead-time of your products while maximizing customer service and minimizing inventory investment. Within MAX, you have three non-mutually exclusive primary planning strategies to do so: Reorder Point (ROP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), and Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

All higher level plans are executed as planned orders are released to the shop floor. This however, does not mean planning is complete as the Shop Floor Execution module has its own planning and control features and functions that load work center queues and provide detailed sequence completion dates.

This workshop presents the three primary planning strategies in detail and applies them to a typical internal supply chain. The main focus is on MRP planning algorithms, but then turns to detailed management of the shop floor so that work in process is minimized and orders are completed on time.