ECI Software Solutions Launches Dashboard and Analytics Platform for Field Service Division

New dashboard powered by Cognytics gives office technology dealers critical insight into customer operations

ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today launched a new Dashboard and Analytics platform for customers in its Field Service Division powered by ECI’s Cognytics™. The latest functionality to be released is a Strategic Business Review Dashboard for the e-automate® software. This dashboard will leverage data from e-automate to help executives and sales professionals better understand their customers, spot mission-critical trends, reduce churn, win new business and increase revenue while improving customer relationships.

Based on data collected by e-automate, the integrated Strategic Business Review (SBR) Dashboard dynamically analyzes and visually presents customer information to users in a consistent, branded format. Sales professionals and executives will quickly and easily understand key areas where they can help their customers save money and improve their ROI. By pulling data directly from their business software solution, it also reduces operational expenses for executives by eliminating the tedious process of pulling individual business reports, enabling them to spend more time in front of their customers.

Additional features include:

  1. Reliable, Dependable Quality Data. Integrated directly with other Field Service solutions, the Dashboards will accurately reflect the system’s data, reducing the need to sort through records or improve statistical quality.
  2. On-Demand Analytics. By pulling data instantaneously from their business software solution, users will always have a real-time look into the health of the business and its customers.
  3. Remote Capabilities. Embedded directly into Acsellerate CRM, e-automate or available online via URL, users can access the Dashboards and Analytics anytime, anywhere.
  4. Standardized Format and Tools. The SBR dashboard can be easily exported into consistently branded PowerPoint presentations, Excel files or PDFs – saving countless hours of prep time.

“Providing our sales representatives with the ability to track key customer service metrics is essential in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Joseph Liguori Jr., Vice President & CFO of Electronic Business Products. “Having the tools to evaluate past performance and trends will further us to improve the level of service we provide, translating to greater customer retention and future business opportunities.”

“This is the first of many strategic dashboard launches for ECI’s Field Service Division,” said Laryssa Alexander, President of the Field Service Division at ECI. “With this dashboard, we are giving our e-automate users the tools to bring their valuable customers the information needed to drive new sales and foster customer relations.”

To learn more about e-automate’s Strategic Businss Review Dashboard, visit:

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