What to Look for in New Business Management Software

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Choosing your business management solution – from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) to ecommerce and business intelligence – can be a chore. How do you know which one is right for you? It takes time, organization, and attention to detail to choose the best system that suits your business needs. Here are a few essential details to consider when shopping for solutions:

Centralized solution

Your business management software is the backbone of your company and should make running your business easier. Look for a single ERP software solution that manages all aspects of your operation, from accounting to purchasing, inventory management, customer service, delivery, and reporting. This will keep critical aspects of your business within the same software. Helping you to drive efficiency and ensure data is accurate and reliable so you can continue to make informed business decisions.

Modern technology

Our industry is changing daily. Make sure your software solution evolves with it. Keeping your systems updated and modern will help keep staff engaged and informed during our current labor shortage. Today’s professionals are constantly trying to develop their skills. That’s hard to do if they’re wasting their time with monotonous work on a dated system. Ensure you don’t lose valuable employees to competitors with technology that encourages them to reach their potential.

Industry focus

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a big push for software companies to develop one-size-fits-all business management software. This cut-and-paste approach fails to scale and overlooks the importance of industry expertise. Your industry has unique processes, challenges, and regulations that only those in it understand. Relying on a solution built and supported by experienced professionals in your industry will help you stay ahead of the curve.


Access to training options should be an important factor when evaluating software for your business. Make sure your team is receiving ongoing training after implementation. To get the greatest ROI from your technology investment, you will need various training options such as online resources, webinars, documentation, and onsite training to fully leverage the system, learn new features, and take advantage of product enhancements.

Flexibility and scalability

Your business management software should be flexible enough to meet your unique needs while adapting to industry changes. Ensure your software provider will continue to support as sales increase, additional product lines are offered, or new locations open. Your software needs to scale alongside your business to provide value well into the future.


Finding the best software for your business is only step one. To be successful, you also need to consider ongoing support. Will they be there when you need them? And not just during implementation.

During the discovery call or any other part of the evaluation process, ask the vendor-specific questions about their ongoing responsibility to you. Then make sure to ask to speak with current customers whose businesses are similar in size and scale. The vendor will likely only give you the names of satisfied customers, but canny questioning can reveal more. Even asking the simple question, “Do you feel as if they had (or have) your best interests at heart?” can be very telling. (Of course, if they won’t give you specific people to call, move on to the next vendor on your list.)

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