How NCT Plumbing Increased Profits and Family Time

Scotty Kidd, owner of NCT Plumbing, a residential plumbing company from Keller, Texas, has been able to make great improvements to his business - and personal life - since implementing Bolt. By using the software system to centralize document management and communication, Scotty has made his day-to-day business management much more efficient. This has allowed him to reduce the amount of necessary field supervisors from five to two.

What is perhaps more important for Kidd, is the added time he now has with his family. With Bolt, he can manage the business from his tablet or phone, providing him with the flexibility to attend out-of-town basketball tournaments or go on a family vacation.

“Bolt was made for what we do. It has made my life completely easier, saved us in our overhead, and without it, I don’t even know if I would come to work tomorrow.” – Scott Kidd, Owner of NCT Plumbing

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