Business Supplies Industry

With rising costs, smaller margins, and increasing competition, using a software solution that brings together all aspects of your distribution business is more important than ever. Our business supply software integrates and simplifies your sales, services, distribution, and project management processes, saving you valuable time and money.

Win new business with a fully integrated ecommerce platform

Make smart business decisions with data at your fingertips

DDMS Purchasing

Take control of purchasing and inventory

DIST Core Features Cloud Computing

Protect your business from cyberattacks

Business Management Solutions for Distributors


Complete ERP for Office Equipment Suppliers.

Horizon ERP software for office equipment suppliers will help you reduce operational costs, improve productivity and increase profitability by simplifying business processes. Written specifically for the office supplies business, Horizon includes functionality to address the issues that affect you most. This proven solution will automate and benefit every department within your business.


The trade's first fully-hosted solution and is still the system of choice for large independent dealers.

Progress a complete business management solution with highly specialised features to meet the needs of dealers, distributors and resellers. All system modules are fully integrated, saving time and eliminating redundant data entry.


Ecommerce built for Dealers, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers

EvolutionX is a best-in-class B2B ecommerce solution for markets including but not limited to, business supplies, industrial, electrical, plumbing, gas and welding, medical supplies, and more. With 400+ stores in North America & Europe accounting for over $1b in annual revenue, EvolutionX takes the complexity out of your enterprise ecommerce implementation.

Our distribution software is specifically designed for:

  • Office Products Resellers

  • Art and Educational Suppliers

  • Workwear and PPE Dealers

  • IT Consumable Dealers

  • Jan/San & Breakroom Supply Dealers

  • Multi-Category Dealers

  • Multi-Location Dealerships

  • Office Furniture Dealers

  • Promotional Products Dealers

  • Small to Medium-Sized Single-Category Dealers

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