M1 is an ERP Built for Discrete Manufacturers

Get real-time operational visibility into your small or medium-sized business and cut costs while you increase productivity. With our all-in-one solution, you can minimise costly mistakes and leverage more accurate scheduling and material ordering.

Save time and money with a more efficient business

Our cloud-based business management software minimises workflow struggles and gives you visibility into your entire operation. We designed M1 for SMBs that specialise in make-to-stock, discrete, repetitive, and project and volume-based make-to-order manufacturing processes.

Bring the business together

Replace whiteboards, paper, and disparate systems with a single, cloud-based solution. With M1, you can schedule, estimate, and run materials and labor planning in one place. Get real-time, comprehensive data from your laptop, tablet, or any system on your shop floor.

Track your supply chain in a few clicks

Outside economic influences challenge your supply chain daily. By using our Manufacturing Resource Planner (MRP) to align your materials, people, and machinery, you can take back control of your supply chain from raw materials to product shipment.

Hire an employee that never rests

With current growth predictions and labor shortages, you need to leverage your labor and material resources effectively to increase productivity. Our M1 ERP software helps you schedule and manage projects and labor while gaining real-time visibility into all parts of your operation and finances.

ITAR Compliance Security 2022 Update

Ensure You’re Meeting ITAR Requirements

ECI now offers an ITAR platform for any US aerospace and defense manufacturers who need to securely access business data from anywhere. Manufacturers can now focus on creating high-quality parts that meet customer satisfaction.


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