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With so much of your cash tied up in inventory, you need to understand exactly what you’ve got in stock and ensure you have the right items available to customers exactly when they need them. Giving you complete visibility of your inventory, Spruce allows you to automatically track stock levels as you buy and sell products. You can also sync stock levels with your website in real time, see whether you’re running low and easily print out a list of products to fulfil orders.

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Integrated inventory control software

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Coomers LTD

“This allows us to handle specials efficiently. We stock over 7000 items and using the Spruce cataloguing system we can offer the widest selection of other non-core items to our customers. We can access the correct item price without having to source and input the details each time”
Selhurst plumbing 171x171

B & TS Builders' Merchants LTD.

“Having the essential customer, gross margin and stock information instantly to hand and constantly updated allows our branch managers to operate their depots at maximum efficiency.”
Horsham plumbing heating supplies 171x171

Selhurst Timber LTD.

“Spruce can handle buying the cube and selling by the metre with several different types of timber tally thrown in. It’s got the most uncluttered sales screens but with the most information instantly available.”
Wollens 171x171

Horsham Plumbing & Heating Supplies LTD.

“All Spruce documents from invoices to inventory receipts are bar coded…we have a sophisticated document handling system with every document and all associated linked vendor paperwork available in seconds to all workstations.”

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